hurricane sandy play date.

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    as many know, hurricane sandy gave us all a bit of free time.
    with this free time i adventured onto the all so popular craigslist.
    I found a ton of men looks for slaves/ subs to abuse.
    I actually found an ad I liked, I replied and met up.
    I found myself floored that I would even have the balls to do this, but I swear the weather fucked up my hormones and threw me over the edge.
    While with this stranger, I simply took my clothes off, stood for him, and he didn't do anything too harsh. He gave me a few rough spankings, told me to get dressed and go home.

    I was surprised because the ad mentioned many more things he was into.
    We spoke briefly after he spanked me, and he told me he could not "abuse" me the way we spoke of because he saw a look in my eyes that made him scared I would let him take it too far?

    Has anyone ever experienced this?
    I know it is totally off the wall random but it is replaying in my head.
    I am 22, he was 37, dom in the lifestyle for over 15 years.

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