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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Obedient Little Puppy, Mar 16, 2009.

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    Does anyone else here have these, or enjoy using them during games?

    I love piercings, but don't have many of my original ones left, except for my tongue bar. Although I have had this for a number of years now, for personal reasons I was unwilling to give my ex blowjobs, even after having it done, so now, with my master, it is as new to me as it is for him, so we are having to learn together. And he really loves it; when I am sucking or licking him, he tells me whenever he can feel the tiny metal balls rubbing against him, and if he can't feel them, he encourages me to do whatever is necessary so that he can feel them. I would love to get my clit hood pierced, too, because I love the thought of my master playing with the ring, especially if the mere presence of the ring serves to increase my arousal, and perhaps even be instrumental in triggering my orgasm.

    One of my exes had his nipple pierced, and I used to really enjoy sucking and tugging on the ring, and my second most recent ex had a Prince Albert, which I absolutely adored. I had so many plans for games we could play with this ring, but, unfortunately, the relationship ended before I had the chance to put any of them into action :(

    I also spend a lot of time imagining what it would be like to have a tattooed pussy. I don't think I'm brave enough to actually have this done, because pain and I are not the greatest of friends, but a girl I used to know had it done, and she said that although it hurt more than anything she'd ever experienced before, the vibrations of the machine kept her nicely aroused, thus taking some of the edge off the pain.

    For years now, I have wanted some kind of tattoo as a mark of my submissive nature. Lately, my master has been dropping lots of hints about me getting one saying 'Property of (insert name)', and I honestly do not know whether he is joking, or is deadly serious! :eek:
  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Look around for a DVD , OSK Productions 'How To get And Use Tongue Piercings'.
  3. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    Puppy, I advise you to talk to your master and find out if he is serious or not before you do anything, as it may be very embarrassing if you get it done, and it doesn't last forever.
  4. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    Perhaps instead of a submissive tattoo just a general BDSM tattoo such as a triskellion or a leather pride flag. Theres always a chance that sometime in the future you'll be somebody else's Dom...... Or you could decide you like the idea of making craploads of money as a pro-domme (usually right about the time you lose your regular job).

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    Thanks for the info on the DVD, RG, I will definitely keep an eye out for that :)

    Well, now I think about it, I am pretty sure that my master was only joking about me having his name inked on my skin. It would be a bad idea, as much because of our personal circumstances as for anything else. I have never fancied anyone's name as a tattoo, regardless of the circumstances, but am still taken with the idea of a submission tattoo of some kind.
  6. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    then instead of having the slave of whoever, jus have slave. It might be an idea.

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    That's what I've been thinking...I've saved a link to a site featuring Japanese Kanji tattoo designs. So if I had it done somewhere where it would be visible (which is pretty unlikely) then it wouldn't be so obvious what it says. And as for what RG said, maybe I could save a small space to have a 'dominant' tattoo as well, as I do have a slight hint of a dominant nature :)
  8. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    That does make sense. If you are a fan of tattoos. Also Puppy, check and respond to your pm's. I am curious as to what you think of last nights, and currently

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    Well, if I do get this tattoo done, I will be sure to post a pic ;)

    Anyone else here got any experience with intimate piercings?
  10. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    I do. I pierced the top base of my penis on my own, (NOT RECOMMENDING IT BE DONE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING) and it was very stimulating as the ball on the loop i installed added extra sensation for the clitoris during sex. I also have my tongue pierced and although i mostly leave it out now, it was very "stimulating" when I had it in. I see it as a cruch though in today's society. It's so mainstream, "who needs to be good at oral, all you need is a tongue ring." I hate that line of thinking. I'm very good at what I do, and i enjoy it, with or without the piercing in.
    I also have several tattoos. each one represents a turning point in my life. being permanent, i want a tattoo that means something to me, and this each one is unique to me and only me. I have however designed a tattoo for my slaves incorporating their number from the registry, and i plan on adorning them with it myself.

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    Sounds good. You'll have to post pics of this, once it's done.

    I've only just found someone to design me a full back piece, based on an excerpt from a story that I wrote. When it's done, it will show a young man tied to a crucifix, being whipped with razorblade whips by two very beautiful but evil young women. I have no idea when it will be finished, or even when I will be able to afford to get it put onto my back, but I will be very happy once I have had it done :)
  12. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    Your whole back Puppy? Way too much for my liking. The odd tattoo is fine, but a lot of tattoo is overwhelming in my POV.

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    I have a fairly recent clitoral hood piercing. I went with a friend and we got it done at the same time. She had several other piercings but this was my first. It was the most excruciating three seconds of my life but two days later I was driving to see my Master on the freeway and just the vibrations from the bumps on the road made me cum. Right after we had it done my friend and I (along with my Master and another friend) went out for shakes at a diner. Sitting was a little uncomfortable the first night but I got over it pretty quickly. It healed well and neither my friend not I have any complaints about the experience.

    Master has three tattoos. Each has it's own story, which is the way it should be, I think. I have other friends that got tattoos just because they thought it was cool and they all regret it now and most of them don't even like the designs anymore. As Master says, who wants to see their grandmother's tramp stamp?
  14. Prissy

    Prissy Member

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    One of my Master's friends has like 12 tattoos, all because he likes them, such as homer simpson, Stitch, and some other cartoon characters. A rose, and I think he even has a dragon.

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    Liking the tattoos you get is one thing. I have stupid friends that got them because they though they were cool or they were really drunk at the time. What I should have said is think about what you are having done to your body before you do it because you will be stuck with it for the rest of your life.

    My Master has a cartoon tattoo on his back, too. It is Calvin and Hobbes. He remembers reading all of the comics when he was younger. He has the complete collection of comic strips in a three volume set and if you open to any page in any of the volumes and describe the first panel and start reading he can almost always finish the strip word for word. He has two other tattoos, too.

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