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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Shepherd1, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Shepherd1

    Shepherd1 New Member

    I'm currently working on improving my "goodie bag" and add some new pain/pleasure devices. I have the "norm" toys already but I'm looking for something a little more unconventional. Like instead of a wartenburg wheel, maybe using a carpet seamroler. More coverage and a bigger handle. I've read that wooden skewers make good substitutes for knife play (which I'm not totally into, but could be a fun sensation). So any input would be greatly appreciated. I've also come across a vibrating glove that my sub seemed to REALLY enjoy. Any tips on where to find one or a suitable substitute would be great too.
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  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    An electric toothbrush works wonders once you get a sub's body sensitive. Do some impact play, then use the toothbrush--makes them moan uncontrollably every time. It's my secret weapon.
  3. Shepherd1

    Shepherd1 New Member

    I have heard you and others talk about that before (in other posts). I had forgotten about that one. Is it somethig you use for full body sensation or jet on sensitive areas? Ie... Nipples, clit, neck line. The sound might draw her mind (if blindfolded) to believe I'm going to use some other toy for pleasure too. And draw her mind in two different ways. I like that. Lol
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  4. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

    Over next to the luffa's pick up a pair of exfoliating gloves.
  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    Oh, good call Rope Ranger.
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  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    A toothbrush can be used all over the body, either off or on, or reversed to use the head a bit like a mini-vibrator.
  7. Shepherd1

    Shepherd1 New Member

    Nice call on the exfoliating gloves. Get a little rough touch in there. She'll never expect that.
  8. New Member

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