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    The Hitachi Magic Wand was always at the top of my list of toys to get. What kept me from getting one thus far was that I would have to import it (since it's banned across the EU) and then use a 2 ton metal brick power converter on it to meet 110 volt specs.

    No more! The two new models of it finally meet the industrial safety regulations. I can finally get one with 220 Volt compatibility.

    I just ordered this beauty. I hope it's at least half as good as I've always heard.


    I've already got a couple of ideas how to use this new toy, pretty much all of them centered around the idea of forced orgasms, some of them dealing with association ... or whatever you call it. (Meaning having something not so pleasant, like having her take off clothespins herself, associated with something pleasant, in this case the wand.)

    One idea that popped into my head. Since I've never played with this girl before I'm going to reiterate her limits and my limits the next time we meet, likes, dislikes, just to be clear. Since I'm forgetful I'm going to make notes. Whenever I think her answer to any of my questions was vague or unspecific I'm going to make a special note for that, and have her then answer these questions again as the wand is hanging in a sort of suspension from her hips with the head resting against her pussy as she's standing. I wonder what will fail first. Her sense of shame that I've noticed before - or her knees.

    But please, I would love to hear some suggestions. Any experiences or ideas you've had with this kind of toy before would be greatly appreciated by me :)
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    Where did you find a black one? I've only seen them in blue.
    I have to agree, this is by far the best of the best in wands - irreplaceable!

    Bro you can hold it against her with rope or plastic wrap. I would say between the thighs rather then against them, then bind.
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    Ooh, yes, plastic wrap bondage, I like.

    It's called "The Wicked Wand" or "Zauberstab III", depending on where I looked, and checking just now it looks like it's exclusive to Germany. I did find a store though that would do international deliveries upon request.

    Shop + Product Page

    If you want you can send an inquiry through here. I'm sure they'll be able to understand and respond in English.

    Contact Page
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    Excuse my lack of knowledge but what IS a hitachi magic wand and why is it so awesome?
  6. praefect

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    I can't speak from personal experience, but...

    It's supposed to be one of the most powerful vibrators out there. It's grid based, doesn't use batteries, so you have as much power as the plant at your disposal - enough power apparently to make them cum through their clothes. It comes as close to an orgasm grantee - or, as I like to think of it, death by snu snu device - as you can with a toy. I've only read reviews of it from people that were amazed with it, the only toy I've seen people become obsessed with, the only toy being fetishized to it's degree. The only toy I've ever heard of where people actually bothered to import it and use these menacingly humming 110V -> 220V metal brick power conversion monsters.

    The head sits on a flexible neck, and is made out of a foam material. That soft foam material is covered with black silicon in this case. The head doesn't rotate, which is what I thought it did for a while, it just vibrates at an insane intensity. There are only two strength settings: "You've got to be kidding me!" and "Help! He's out of his mind!", with 4000 or 6000 rpm of the 30W motor respectively.

    Speaking of it being fetishized, it's been a go-to toy in a lot of BDSM shoots as well.

    A couple of pics from my BDSM collection:
    (You need to drag and drop them into a new browser window for it to work. Anyone got a good adult picture host by any chance? The one I used to use doesn't exist anymore.)


    Yeah, I had something like that in mind, only with rope. You know... I shouldn't be surprised they actually made and marketed a bondage device like that for it... but I still am :)
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  8. Sparrow69

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    As an avid futurama fan, I laughed so hard at that it hurt my kidneys...:)
  9. praefect

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    Yeah, I also have much wuv for Futurama. We're obviously both men with a distinguished sense of taste.

    I glanced at your website through the link subspace posted (thank you by the way). I haven't looked very closely yet, but ... well, do you have any rules on copyrighted materials? I don't own the copyright to any of the pictures I have and I don't want to get anyone in trouble by using their webspace to host them.
  10. vongikking

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    Had anyone tryied enought to tell the diference between the brands of this device?
  11. Martello

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    The Hitachi Magic Wand in my experience packs the most power. Also it has an accessory that makes it a 2 or 3 speed to a 5 speed. If you're going to pick one up, I really so suggest this one.

    check out they have on their site for $38 I believe.
  12. praefect

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    I'm reading an indepth review right now on the Mark 2, aka Adam and Eve Wand, aka "Zauberstab 2" and the Mark 3, aka "Wicked Wand", aka "Zauberstab 3"

    The only real differences are both of them being compatible with 220V power and - wow - being lead free. It looks like it wasn't the cable insulation that got it banned after all, it was all the lead in the electronic components and the lead based solder which prevented that it passed the electronic certification process. I had no idea. Lead. Imagine that. God, I hate the sex toy industry sometimes. Also, they're not supposed to interfere with radio now? Alright...

    There are some very minor differences in looks between the original and the Mark 2. And the Mark 3 is black. The power is the same - 624 m/s² (not that this tells me anything), as is the volume - 6.5 Sone or 48 dB. And while the specs given by the manufacturer suggest that the hood and ... thingy over the switch, splash protection or whatever you call it, on the Mark 3 are both made of silicon, they have the smell and feel of rubber. As long as it's not Jelly I can live with that.

    Attachments might not be compatible with the Mark 3 since it's head has a 3 mm larger diameter than the Mark 2.
  13. Martello

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    praefect -
    what about any price difference?
  14. praefect

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    The black one is more expensive, about 10 Euros. And the forum link on the test site has all kinds of differences mentioned that the review didn't.

    The M3 is much lighter. 450g compared to the 600g of the M2.
    This weight reduction comes from parts being made out of plastic that are made out of metal on the M2.
    The sound level may be the same, but the frequency of the M3 is much lower, which makes it seem less loud.
    The head on the M3 is harder.
    It doesn't feel as solid and well made as the M2. For example, it switches to the higher vibration mode before the switch latches into that setting.
    The M2 feels more powerful, but not by much.

    I'm getting the feeling I should have gone with the M2. More power, more "solid", better build quality... cheaper. It may not be black, but who cares. Not too late yet I suppose.
  15. Martello

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    I'm not sure what the Euro is in American dollars.
    Whats a The Hitachi Magic run out there? How many Euro?

    Maybe that will help.

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