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    Sooo.. Mistress has found her self a new toy. Over the last few weeks she has developed a fondness for plucking my hairs with a pair of tweezers.
    I'm not fond of this.

    "Please Mistress! cant you just use the bull whip!"

    But I also can't deny her it either, because she enjoys it soo much and it seems to appeal to her quirks.
    Sadism, obsessive compulsive.
    I will also admit that I'm getting hair in places I don't want it and getting plucked makes it go away for a long time.

    But the other night she almost had me at my safe word, she had been working on my whiskers around the lips..(shudder)
    But then the evil thing held me a stroked my head and it was so wonderfull I compleatly forgot all about it, and just laid there and soaked up the attention.
    SO while I really hate the Tweezers, and she knows it she always makes it worth it................. evil...

    Dose any of you have something like this , somthing you or your sub really hates but you or you sub puts up with because the Dom really enjoys it and makes it worth it?
  2. subspace

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    Wow Ezra, I love that this has turned into an activity that has some reward for you - yeah cuddles!
    Last week I was shaping up my eyebrows a bit and couldn't help but think of your head cradled in Goto's lap with her evil grin and a tear running down your face as I was plucking away - awesome!:D

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    Tweezers...something I am yet to experience in any it really as painful as it people make it out to be? :(

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    Tweezers are a good friend of mine :) My slave has a mustache and beard and I expect him to keep trimmed nicely but there are times he slacks and then out come the tweezers.. because of course I'm under the assumption that if he doesn't keep it nicely trimmed then he must not really want to have the beard/mustache and is really just asking me to pull out the hairs myself. (insert evil grin here). It usually only takes a few hairs to get my point across. Tweezers also work nicely down below when he hasn't taken care of business there properly as well, although he does usually have to be tied down for that LOL

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    lol You 2 are too funny!!!

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    It's not funny! :(

    I'm scared now...I know the way my master's mind works :D
  9. subspace

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    Depends on where you are tweezing. When I do my eyebrows I push on the root of the hair with my finger to apply lots of pressure until its out and this definitely helps. When I go to the salon and have them professionally done I always end up with tears rolling down my face just because the eye area gets so over-stimulated and I then feel like a complete dork. :rolleyes: Also, the faster you pull the less it hurts.

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    I want to go to a salon to have this done, but they only do that better or worse? :(

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    I think waxing is sooooo much better. When I get my eyebrows done, Im fine with the wax part, but then when they start to tweeze to do the fine touches it kills me...
  12. subspace

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    Ditto. Its the fine tuning that is the killer.
    OLP - the salon will wax first and then use the tweezers so dont be shocked when you get more than just a wax.
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    Okay, cheers both for clarifying :)

    My master has been inspired by this thread, and has now decided he is going to use tweezers on me, but is being annoyingly vague as to where :rolleyes: :D
  14. EZRA

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    Strangely, when she works on my "lower half" it dosent hurt as much as on the face,ears and nose.(yes ,well it sucks to get older)
    But she has only tried a couple of hairs in a couple of places, I think she might be waiting for a more formal scene with more time, befor she goes to work in these areas.(groan)
    And I think she realizes that "after care" will necessarily take on a more sexual nature.
    It isn't a "punishment" yet but I'm sure that is coming, right now she dose it for her own enjoyment.With an evil grin and demeaning talk and all.

    I have noticed it puts me in to a regressive sort of subspace, I find myself acting like a little kid, and I find it hard to get to "that" place where I can absorb the pain,something she also likes. She likes to keep me with her when we play.

    Most women I know find my angst at being plucked, a bit over rated. I think this is just because they are more used to it and have been doing for far longer than me.
    I also think it has to do with them doing it to themselves which always seems to take some of the sting out it.
    I also think that waxing is in my future, she mentioned it the other night, as a way to get a clean "canvas" for "marks". (shuddering)
    The combination of hot wax plus the agony of riping it off, makes for a natural S&M activity.

    I'm honored that MOP would find this an interesting activity.Good luck OLP! and no need to thank me.:)

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    Haha, no offence Ezra, but I'm going to wait and see what the experience is like before I know if I need to thank you or not! :eek: :D

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