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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by OwnedSlavegirl, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. OwnedSlavegirl

    OwnedSlavegirl New Member

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    Hello all. New to this site. My master and I are also somewhat new to this lifestyle. We always experimented with it sexually, but never full-time. We are thinking about making things permanent. Thing is.... I tend to have a smart mouth at times.

    I love pleasing him more than anything. I want to be humiliated, controlled, degraded, etc.... but when we are done with our play sessions it seems like he gets lazy and I get bratty. I want this to change. I want to be an obedient whore.

    Some suggestions, maybe a list of commonly used rules to get started with?

    ---- We also are thinking of posting pictures/videos soon! :tremble:

    Love, slave slut. :rose:
  2. Roland

    Roland Member

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    I'll give you a Dom's perspective. Domming can be really hard work. You as the slave just have to obey, but the Dom has to be creative to come up with an elaborate scene that can last hours and keep it interesting and pleasurable. No easy task. From my perspective, the fact that you want to be an obedient whore is a great starting point. I suggest that after a scene is done with a lot of physical activity, and after he administers after care, you should bring him a drink and massage his feet while he kicks back and relaxes. You can also do a chore or two; that will make him real happy.

    This all depends on how you see yourself. Do you like being a house slave, a sex slave, a pet, or a combination of all of these. Let us know and we can help you further.
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  3. Sate_Sprie

    Sate_Sprie Member

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    When we did 24/7 I really enjoyed it. I am more of a house slave than anything and moat of my tasks were non-sexual in nature which I enjoyed. I am also bratty, haha. One of my everyday tasks was to make sure I drank a full glass of water at a certain time each day. Not only was this good for my health but keeping a schedual kept me more obident. we have a little one and I couldn't always do big tasks at the same time each day but the fast ones I could. These small tasks kept me in check and when master got home I was less bratty. A routine might do you some good. I've switched to domming now and if you're interested in house slave type work i'd be more than happy to send you a list like I would include for my sub.
  4. Roland

    Roland Member

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    What Sate is describing is the same thing I instruct my wife to do. I also have her drink water several times a day for her health, especially rectal health. I also give her a schedule that tells her when to exercise, do yoga, do house chores, etc.
  5. OwnedSlavegirl

    OwnedSlavegirl New Member

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    Thank you for the suggestions everyone. I agree with all these comments so far and would love to have a "set of rules" or "daily tasks" to fufill before my Master gets home.... He is so tired from work that he doesn't really have much energy for these kinds of things but it would make me feel so fufilled.

    Part of me wants to just do it without him having to tell me, but I want him to control it and tell me I have to or I'll be punished. Would make more inclined to do it.:angel:

    The thing is, after sex, if he were to order me to do these things I would be more than happy to.... He still has a lot of reading to do on being a proper dom as I do being a proper sub.

    I have been reading a lot and am he is trying to learn with me. We are still so young, (both 19) so really I think we just need more experience.

    Any ideas of how I could get him excited about making rules for me? I thought perhaps we could work our way up. For example, for the first two weeks there will be 3 strict rules to obey. Then he can add more rules as he sees fit. We are also looking for other punishment methods besides just being tied up and teased and spanked and whipped and verbally humiliated.

    We have good communication skills for the most part, but sometimes it's still hard for me to express my desires to him. Makes me feel embarrassed. :shame:

    Thank you for the replies everyone! Really helpful.

    I do have one more question for anyone who has posted pictures of there sub's on the site? My master and I were considering posting up some pictures or videos but I'm afraid of my face showing in them. Is anyone else afraid of someone they might know seeing them like his on the internet? I know the possibility is slim, but hey you never know.

    Uploading a picture or two tonight, just no face pictures yet. :cute:

    And yes, Roland I agree. Domming is very difficult work, that's why I'm asking questions here instead of being rude and disrespectful and telling him he is not doing enough.
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  6. Roland

    Roland Member

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    You are good to ask questions here; I hope we have been helpful.

    You are 19 years old. People on the site will probably hate me for saying this (lol) but I would not upload face pics. Give it some time at least; see how you feel over the course of a few months, and then reevaluate.

    I take it that he works and you stay at home? Are you in school or taking classes at home? Let me know as I have a good amount of experience with setting daily tasks. Your dom can use what I have as a template.

    Tell us more and we can help more.
  7. OwnedSlavegirl

    OwnedSlavegirl New Member

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    Thank you. I am in school part-time and looking for a job part-time. I know this will take away a lot of are play time. We live together though and still have saturdays/sundays together.

    Perhaps there is someway to incoporate are play even when we are not together?
    I would love to read your template if you would like to send it in a PM. Master and I could look it over. Thank you so much for the advice!
  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I agree; a pic on the internet is forever. Be sure you can handle the ramifications 10 years from now. At a bare minimum, don't post nude shots in which your face is visible. That gives you some deniability.

    New doms often have to learn to be dominant; they have to get used to the idea that they get to set rules and enforce them. So ask him to give you some specific things that he has a clear preference on--they can be as small as which way you hang the toilet paper or as large as daily chores that have to be done. He gets the right to set the rules any way he likes, but he gets the obligation of actually setting the rules and then enforcing them. He may not have realized that being dominant means actually have obligations, so discuss that with him.
  9. MrWolfgang

    MrWolfgang Member

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    I think your on the right track here. Start simple and slow and work up from there. Me and my wife have 3 protocols she follows during the day. She does them for 2 to 4 weeks and then lets me know how it makes her feel when she does them for me. Then we adjust or create new ones from there. That keeps things pretty fresh by rotating them from time to time or if she does one I really like Ill let it ride for a while longer.

    For example, during the day when she uses the bathroom she is to drop everything to her ankles and spread her legs as wide as she can with her hands on her knees (when appropriate of course). Simple enough. But, she let me know that it made her feel like I was watching her in her most private moments. Owning her time without being there and without it being overtly sexual.

    I apologize if thats TMI but, protocols and/or rules can be real fun and can be real simple. Also, I agree with the others about the posting pictures on the internet. Sounds like a good idea now but, when your 30ish and possibly have a career, that shit can really haunt ya. One suggestion about that, possibly invest in a full hood then do it if you must. No face = No harm no foul. Only reason I say that is that pictures that have been blurred or censored look like shit (IMO). Im pretty regular on Flickr and blurs drive me crazy. I completly understand the reason why but, still...dont like the way it looks.

    Ive rambled enough. Carry on.
  10. Roland

    Roland Member

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    I sent you 3 PMs with some sample schedules. Alter them and enjoy them.

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    I would second all the folks warning about "recognizable face pics" on the internet. Don't assume the risk is low just ecause the internet is big. Good quality "real" slave pics will be preferentially re-posted by people.

    By all means take photographs, but why not make masks part of your games? Slave hoods and masks are very common in BDSM play, and can also be a means of humiliation.

    They don't need to be expensive either. Google for "spandex ski mask" and you'll see some great options.

    If you want something more colorful, Google for "lucha libre mask".

    Using masks also means that neither of you will have compromising, recognizable pictures of the other. Not a good idea if a relationship goes sour :)

  12. OwnedSlavegirl

    OwnedSlavegirl New Member

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will take that advice at face value and be sure not to post any face pictures. You have brought up some great points about future careers, etc. Being as naive as I am, I thought it would be a great idea. Thank you for helping me re-think it. And Roland I'm about to read those messages, It is very kind of you to take the time out of your day to help a new slave. :)

    I think I'm going to start a new thread, (unless there is one already) titled "What are your slaves rules?". So I can get more ideads! Glad I found this website, it's the best BDSM forum I've found thus far. All of the other ones seem to have little to no members.... or they are just interested in the sex aspect of it.

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