Male on female trampling.

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Hide, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Hey guys, new to the forums here!

    Here's the thing. I've always wondered why it is so difficult to find anything related to male on female trampling on the web. Anyone care to explain why? There are A LOT of vids and pics of women dominating men this way. Is the other way around taboo, or do people generally not like this idea and am I one of the very few females who's into this stuff? And what about you, men? Online porn is mostly, if not completely, aimed towards you - do you not enjoy the idea of humiliating your subs this way? Before anyone says it's too 'dangerous', I disagree. If anything, female > male trampling is more risky considering they're usually wearing sharp, high heels and could easily damage bodies this way.

    It's quite frustrating to have a fantasy only to find out there is little to nothing regarding the subject online. I'm single, so there's no way for me to otherwise 'engage' this rather unusual fantasy of mine. The only stuff I found was the Violent SW Archive which contains stories about attractive giants stepping on little people (females usually), or humiliating them, keeping them as pets, etc. Exciting stuff, but this will obviously forever just be a fantasy. :p anyone here who could provide some links with pics or vids, or any info at all? Would be very much appreciated, thanks!

    P.s: same counts for facesitting, mixed wrestling, etc. I love this stuff, but women always dominate in these categories. Disappointing!
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    I'm not into it, but I'm guessing as far as trampling there's the fact that men tend to be bigger/heavier than women and thus it could be more dangerous. Otherwise, though, I think it's just general preference.
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    Part of the reason that submission is arousing to both subs and doms is that it subverts normal gender rules. Men are not supposed to put themselves in positions of inferiority to women, and women are expected to want equality. So both male and female submission can seem highly erotic because they are breaking social norms in unusual ways. Men being trampled conforms to this pattern, regardless of whether a man or a woman is doing the trampling.

    But a man trampling a woman does not subvert our gender expectations. Rather it looks very much like a man abusing a woman. Domestic abuse is something we've been trained to find repulsive. So my guess is that when we see a man stepping on a woman, it comes too close to domestic abuse to trigger arousal in most of us. The same is true of a man bitch-slapping a woman. I've never seen porn that featured women getting bitch-slapped (of course, as a gay man I don't exactly go looking for it, so maybe it's out there).

    My theory isn't perfect. Obviously this is a lot of porn featuring female subs being tied up, spanked, tortured and humiliated, and all of that looks sort of like abuse too, but obviously lots of straight people find it hot. So why trampling isn't popular the same way I'm not sure. Of course, trampling porn is not exactly common, regardless of who is getting trampled. But that's my guess.
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    Kinda expected a reply like that, but honestly, there are also vids where more than one girl stands on one guy. Or bigger women walking on smaller men. Nobody seems to mind this. In the end, trampling is just trampling, there are more dangerous things in the BDSM world, so why could a guy not do this to a female? But yeah, it's probably a preference thing. Shame.
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    You're right, but I don't agree with these standards personally. If a woman is allowed to hit a man, he should have the right to do the same thing. Here, watch this clip.

    Alright, the "how can she slap" thing is pretty funny, but in the end, he's right. The entire crew jumps at him for hitting her back (as she very well deserved). Really, people need to stop overreacting, as you could see she was perfectly capable of defending herself. Women get away with everything these days and it angers me. Another example: if a female teacher starts an affair with a male student, it's all hot and cute, but when it's the other way around the guy is abusive and goes straight to jail. Riiiight. So much for equality. To get back on the trampling - if a female model would be trampled on by a guy, that means she has agreed with it, so there should not be a problem.

    But yeah, I'll just stick to gay porn~
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    I am male and I have always wondered the same thing! I love standing on women and I agree it is not as dangerous as most people think - the human body can do amazing things. Hide we should get in touch! I'd love to hear more about your experience!
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    The basic reason for there not being more of this type of thing on the web is that it just doesn't sell, so most producers don't see it as being worth their time & effort. About the only time you'll see anything involving this form of male Domination is in pro wrestling, & in most cases, even then the audience is rooting for the female.

    I'm into most forms of mixed & female wrestling & have tried producing my own videos, but unfortunately finding females who'll do any type of wrestling, especially when it involves male Domination themes, has been almost impossible!
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