Drugged rape fantasy

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by MadamLash, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. MadamLash

    MadamLash New Member

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    Help me out here guys Im fighting for your right to be who you are with closed minded women!!
    They dont seem to understand that people might just have a fantasy to being unconcious while being raped.
    I said that they might not know what had happened during however it might be the after mass they like. Jerking off to thinking about it. The thought of being humiliated etc etc.

    Please let me know Im not crazy in thinking that of course there are people out there that would like this, even if its not for you have you heard of it?

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    This is a weird one for me :confused:

    For years I have fantasised about being drugged and sexually abused, even though I have suffered the latter for real. For that reason alone I could not make that fantasy a reality, because I am not emotionally strong enough to cope, even if I could find a man who was willing to do that.

    And I wonder sometimes if, having been there for real, it is somehow wrong for me to still have this fantasy, but I can't help how I feel :(

    I hope this helps in some way Madam Lash...
  3. MadamLash

    MadamLash New Member

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    Doesnt help a bit :p
    However I can relate to you still feeling that way. I was molested by a (now dead) Uncle when I was younger and hated it/him. I still now have vivid thoughts of being raped or molested...Just not by a family member :mad:
    Maybe thats where the thoughts grew from. I know though I used to at the age of about 15, pretend there was a strange man in bed with me. lol Sounds childish now but it was very exciting back then.

    Any other replies greatly accepted. I cant believe how ignorant some people are though and I was waiting for their permission to send them over to this forum just to prove there ARE real people who like erotic and crazy stuff!
  4. xxxMistressxxx

    xxxMistressxxx New Member

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    I myself have rape fantasies all the time. I worked in the sex industry for years, predominantly in a dominant role. I know exactly what a lot of people jerk off thinking about.

    Of course there is people that might get off thinking about the scenario you are discussing, then again, there is people that get off thinking about a whole load of things. It doesn't mean that he was though, it doesn't mean that he wasn't. You just missed the point, thats all.

    I totally get that some people may fantasise about being drugged and raped. Fantasising about it, and it happening are very different.

    For the record, they are not close minded women ;) some are probably way more liberal than you. Also, you are not fighting for the right for anyone to be who they are, you are just pointing out your particular view on an issue.

    I am with you Obedient Little Puppy. Now if only I could find a partner that suited me to bring my fantasy to life.:)
  5. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    I think the real issue here is one of consensual notions. If the person has expressed an intrest in a rape fantasy prior to the incident then i can see where this may be a method to use, but i woudn't do it simply in hopes of awakening some latent desire i think they may have.

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    I can't help wondering if people in general would have more of an issue with the drugging aspect, than the actual sex act... :confused:
  7. sweetkink

    sweetkink New Member

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    @ Obedient Little Puppy yeah, that's my problem with it mostly - drugging - because in order to fulfill this fantasy you'd have to drug the person without discussing it with them, wouldn't you? that's pushing it too far for me. but on the other hand, if two ppl discuss the scenario and both agree to the terms, it's none of my buisness what they do, right?
  8. Nyx

    Nyx Member

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    I can't say I have this fantasy. Simply because a large part of my role as a sub, and my master's slave, is experiencing every delicious drop of pain and ecstasy that he cares to inflict or forces me to inflict on myself. Being drugged, and remembering it later, would not be enough for me.
  9. xxxMistressxxx

    xxxMistressxxx New Member

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    Thanks people, I think you have summed up what I was trying to explain to MadamLash.
  10. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    My thought would be, discussing the fantasy with your partner way in advance, and then, if they were willing to help you fulfill it, then set the plan in motion and wait... like months.... so they forget to actually carry out the plan.


    The trick here as far as I'm concerned, like i said, would be consentuality.
  11. Ophelia

    Ophelia Member

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    If I'm honest I would just do it if it is your sub.

    But then again...I'm not known for my good advice...
  12. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    This is a weird one, but I understand. I just haven't heard it expressed quite this way. I can't say I would be willing to do it this way, but I'd play it (fake it) this way.

    Giving someone enough drugs to make them unconscious is a little beyond me, but I dated a woman who was prone to fainting, especially after a few orgasms. She liked to hear about what I did to her in the couple of minutes she was away, and I must admit, I liked it to and was more than happy to share.

    This is different than someone being drunk and passed out before sex starts. That's kind of a game killer for me.
  13. frontfetish

    frontfetish New Member

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    I can't call it rape when its fucking done with her consent or victim liked it. Even if I'm a woman, I'm fantasizing on raping another woman, drugging her out cold with sex enhancers then use different sex toys on her. It will be fucking awesome!

    I'm not a lesbian, I still love to suck those huge cocks LOL.
  14. iValinor

    iValinor New Member

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  15. Sado_Dom

    Sado_Dom Member

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    I know someone that fantasizes about being raped, and we're trying to figure a way to do this safely (and by safe I mean without getting the feds on our asses). The rape portion I like, but the drugging part doesn't appeal much to me. It just seems a bit dull. I would want my 'victim' to be responsive. Begging, crying, emotion, etc. turns me on.
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