Cum On Glasses?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by onanian_the_barbarian, Oct 31, 2007.

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    I'm posting this from the perspective as a Dominate male. Now online I've come across, no pun intended, this specicfic kind of facial porn over time,

    Question is in reality would either Dom Males or Submissive Females(who wear glasses) consider this a type of D/s activity as a type Humiliation either in play or punishment?

    To me it obviously would be. Just was curious on the thoughts of others and if anyone ever was on the giving or recieving end. Or, do you think this is just a porno only activity?
  2. puppy_girl

    puppy_girl New Member

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    My Master and me practise that often. SOmetimes it happens that after he comes on my glasses, he makes me spread his sperm over the glasses, take them on and go shopping or to the laundary.

    puppy girl
  3. GhostWalker

    GhostWalker New Member

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    Being a Dom, I would not consider this to be a type of D/s activity.
  4. Lucian

    Lucian New Member

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    I wouldn't say it was a Ds activity either, more of a sexy activity.

    A lot of women enjoy getting messy during sex, sadly a lot more dont.

    If you find one thats happy to receive a facial, just enjoy yourself ;)
  5. raven1083

    raven1083 Active Member

  6. Mycokizyrz

    Mycokizyrz New Member

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    I just wanted to put 2 cents in, there's a porn movie series called "specs appeal" you might want to check out if you're into this fetish. I'm not real big into it, but have just collected a few with particular girls I liked in them.
  7. sissy_slut

    sissy_slut New Member

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    i think you should take them off and get a proper facial as they would be a nightmare to clean and then its messing with your sight and would just cause extra hassle
  8. JamesAddison

    JamesAddison New Member

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    That's the whole point of it. As a humiliation for a submissive partner that I may be cumming on.
    Besause they would have to clean them up afterwards. I may even have her lick them clean.
  10. Ruler88

    Ruler88 New Member

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    The appeal of glasses

    Perhaps this is more about office fantasy sex than master/slave. Pretty girls dressed for the office - we all look but dare not touch.

    Carry this fantasy through to the bedroom or dungeon and the glasses continue the fantasy, even heightening the sense of violation. Giving the ice cool office worker a facial with cum shot over her glasses, (and if you have enough sperm) face and hair.

    It's about the boss dominating the secretary.:cool:
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  11. littlegirl

    littlegirl New Member

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    Well.... I take off my glasses... I've never tried this with Master before.. I'm learning new things already, won't he be proud ^_^
  12. kv0ns_sub

    kv0ns_sub New Member

  13. Fire_burns

    Fire_burns New Member

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    I do appreciate the ability to take sight, sound from a slave or sub I am dominating, the cumming on glasses thing is mostly about that, control, the humiliation is a bonus.
    I would also say that I find glasses sexy in general and that too adds to this fetish if that is what you would call it, but in all honesty I wouldn't call it a fetish in and of itself it is just another element of control. The glasses are a nice touch though and should be tried if you haven't before.
    Also somebody mentioned previously how they would love to cum on a subs glasses then make them clean them off or lick them clean. Again control is the main point here, not the element of the glasses, they simply act as a catalyst, if it is an enjoyable and entertaining one there are other things that you can try if you find glasses unappealing, go with blindfolds, earplugs, or something else that adds an element of control that was not there before.
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  14. bryanl83

    bryanl83 New Member

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    my current partner wears glasses and I wouldn't say cumming on them is a D/s thing it is usually just she wants a facial and I'm cumming too fast to get her glasses off. Either way it is sexy as hell

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    I've never had this done to me before, but my master has expressed an interest in doing so. And he produces a hell of a lot of spunk, so I have no doubt that there would be plenty left over for the rest of my face, my hair, my tits...I can't wait! :D ;)

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