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    Hi guys,

    Been around on the forum for quite a long, and decided to start a thread.
    I think I got this "love" for trampling. All I have seen so far is some videos though, who really turned me on (should maybe say it only has been dick trampling).
    I really want to try this myself (I'm male by the way), but wanted to hear if any one have any experiences about it?
    Can it be dangerous in any way? Is there any "technics" to try or anything I should stay away from?

    Thanks :clap:
  2. L8NightQ

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    anubit - I have no personal experience with this, but I did find a response to a similar question on another forum's archives.

    This is not my personal advice... only a forward. Be careful cause if things go wrong it could be long term or permanent and you only have one dick.

    Hope it helps.

    Well, Trampling of the penis has not stopped mine from working at all!!!! The balls you have to be carefull about, if one ruptures then you are looking a hospital time!!!!!! A high Heel could damage your penis enought that it may never become erect again, you just need to be carefull, and make sure the girl is carefull!!!!! My wife always puts the heel of her high heels down on my penis right behind the head. Never in the middle of the shaft!!!! She steps on the shaft with everything else though!!

    As far as damage goes, I get bruised all the time, it takes several days fro the bruises to go away. Sometimes I bleed a little out of the tip for a few days afterwards. I am always sore for a few days after, sometimes I am sore for a week!!!

    I have been getting my penis trampled since I was 12 or 13, and enjoying it the whole time!!! My manhood still works just fine!!! Just be carefull about it, and I would suggest starting off slow!! Maybe find a girl that is kind of light for you first trample experience!!
  3. Anubit

    Anubit New Member

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    Thank for your advices, will think some more about it!:)

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