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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by auspicious, Dec 17, 2012.

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    I'm looking for ideas for improvising toys and equipment, and/or advice on what sorts of things aren't safe when homemade?

    My male friend is very interested in exploring submission, bondage, humiliation, and pain. So far we've been using under the bed restraints and a strap on. He's indicated he'd also like to be blindfolded and gagged and spanked and whipped and wear women's clothes and in general have me be rougher and cause more pain.

    So I guess my question is can I just gag him with a tshirt and beat him with a belt, or is it a better idea to go shopping for items meant for those purposes?
  2. sebastian

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    You can indeed use a t-shirt, sock, or underwear as a stuff gag, but be very careful. Stuff gags are one of the more dangerous types of gags because as they get wet with saliva they can swell and effectively block off the ability to breathe through the mouth. They can also slip deeper into the mouth/throat and induce vomiting, which is quite dangerous because the vomit can't go anywhere except into the lungs. So if you're using a stuff gag, pay close attention to your sub's ability to breath--check with him periodically to make sure he can breathe through his nose, and don't leave him alone, in case something happens.

    Safer than a stuff gag is a cleave gag--a gag that forces the mouth open and then wraps around the head to tie in the back.Like this:

    So here's a scene. Tell your sub to show up wearing a t-shirt he doesn't mind losing. After you tie him up, use a scissors (ideally a set of EMT scissors, available at any good drug store--if you're going to be doing bondage, you need to have a pair of EMT shears, in case your sub needs to be cut out of bondage quickly) to cut off his shirt, and then use his tshirt as a cleave gag. That's a classic bit from porn scenes.

    Yes you can use a leather belt, assuming it's reasonably supple. Avoid one that has studs, at least until your sub has gotten used to being beaten with a belt.

    I would recommend Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook. It will teach you a lot about safety practices, and how to do various bondage positions using cheap nylon rope that you can get at any hardware store.
  3. auspicious

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    Thanks, I will give that book a look.
  4. reduk

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    go to any hardware store. It is a fetishists dream

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