Causing pain without leaving marks

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by jem65a, Feb 5, 2011.

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    I have a masochist friend who wants to be hurt. Her favourite is being beaten, - belted or whipped, but, for the next couple of days it is imperative that she can leave the session with no visible marks on her body.

    I do not have any electrical equipment, and I am looking ofr any advice on causing pain without bruising her.

    (This is my first post here, so please be gentle..)

    thanks for any advice
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    Most forms of pain play that cause significant pain will leave some sort of mark, although moderate cropping and paddling and even flogging will usually only leave marks that last for a few hours. So if you stop before you start seeing welts, there's a good chance that you won't leave serious marks. But, some marks may only show up after play finishes, and some subs bruise more easily than others. So, in essence, any form of impact play that goes beyond light impact carries some risk of bruising, welting, and other marks. Take time to learn how your sub's skin reacts to impact and you'll probably learn what will mark and what won't.

    Tit torture, such as pinching and clamping, will usually not leave bruises, but after a more aggressive session, the nipple will often crust over in the following day or so. Vaseline and other ointments seems to reduce crusting a little.

    Genital torture (like clamping) may not leave too many marks, although personally I don't have any experience with lady parts.

    In general, clothespins and clamps are one easily way to cause pain without too much risk of marks. Clothespins can be put on all sorts of painful spots--earlobes, lips, tongue, nips, the webbing between fingers and toes, genitals, and any skin you can pinch elsewhere.

    Hair-pulling is another option. If you want to be really nasty, tie her up and then pull out body or pubic hair with a tweezers.

    Electro is certainly good for pain, and I don't think (from what I've read, only a little personal experience) that it's likely to leave marks. But it requires expensive equipment, and you need to read up on what's safe and what's not (or find someone to teach you). A similar option is hot wax; most of what I said about electro is roughly true for wax (except that it doesn't require pricey equipment). From what I've read, wax only leaves redness that will fade in an hour or two. And wax play leaves the skin sensitive and ready for other forms of torture.
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    L8nightq and Sebastian,
    thank you for your replies, and the guidance to the other thread. My situation is simple, she usually loves marks, but has a swimming competition in a few weeks, and would not want to show anything in public.
    I will read through the other thread now, and I will read up on clothes pins - that seems like a very good option.
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    Oh yea... Welcome to the forum.
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    I may not be deep into this scene, but I do know a bit about swimming, lol. Your goal is not so much to not leave marks, but to make sure you don't leave them where they will be seen.

    Most girls swim suits for competition are relatively conservative, concentrate on the parts that will be covered for the lasting marks and just go easy everywhere else.

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