The first time I was fitted with a ring gag

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  1. kwakWala

    kwakWala New Member

    For as long as I remember, I have a gag fetish. Long before the beautiful day arrived when my mouth was forced open by a rigid gag, I often dreamt about how it would be submit to a gag. Despite that, it was not so easy to buy one. When my fetish started, I was living at home with my curious parents, and ordering a gag by post was not an option. I hardly visited Amsterdam, the closest city to buy those delicious objects.

    Since a few years I have a lot of freedom because I live on my own in a student’s room. One day, when my desire was untameable, I ordered a gag online, a gag that I am proud and very willing to submit to. It is a big black harness which can either hold a ring or a ball gag inside.

    I still remember the very first time I wore the gag harness very clearly. The postman delivered it in the afternoon but I was so busy with my study that I didn’t allow myself to wear it immediately, at least not before I finished an essay I was working on. It was hard to ignore my still in plastic present, but I managed to finish the essay first and then I couldn’t wait anymore to try it on. All the straps that come with it were unconnected then (just wrapped in separately) and it took quite some time before I found out how to make it into a gag. Then I went to my bathroom were I stood in front of the mirror to put it on. What an experience that was. Apart from the physical act of having that ball in my mouth and feeling the straps around me, it was much more an emotional one. That after so many years of dreaming and fantasizing about it and seeing other subs wearing it, now I could finally see myself with it and have the first hand experience. My gag fetish wasn’t born that day; it already was a fetish for many years before I ever touched a gag, but that day I could finally experience that all my suspicions of how I would react while wearing a gag were very true.

    Just after I fastened all the buckles, I became instantly aroused and just felt the wetness between my legs. At the same time I had a strong feeling of surrender, I felt my body getting weak and my mind too, this gag really helped me to achieve a sudden shift to submission. I tried to talk and this aroused me even more because I could express myself much worse than I would have expected and that was such a happy surprise for me. Soon after I tried the ball gag, I wanted to experience the ring and this was even better: my speech was no more than mumbling and I produced excessive trails of saliva.

    I felt a huge need to wear the gag harness while setting my rules for myself. I’ll describe the first one. I was naked and sat on a chair. I relaxed a bit in advance and then I fastened my harness with the ring in, this time. The game involved no more than just me sitting for one hour on that chair and see what would happen. Just the thought of knowing I would have to sit there the whole hour, no matter how dirty I would be, aroused me enormously. Again it was a sort of surrender, surrender to my excessive drooling. The first minutes seemed to pass so slow, I couldn’t wait to feel my saliva running down on me, but in the very first minutes nothing is happening, as always, because first there needs to be an overload of saliva before it becomes too much and it seeks way out. From that moment on there is no moment of rest anymore and it just keeps going and going.

    After about 5 minutes the first trails came out, although very slowly and initially it went no further than just my chin. I felt so dirty (but also hugely aroused) by the feeling that now my whole chin was covered with saliva and to know that I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it for the next 50 minutes. Eventually the moment arrived and the saliva started to fall down from my chin on my body. The drips were so cold (relatively), I think because for some minutes they clung to my chin and had the chance to cool down. By the temperature it seemed unlikely that they had come from my own body. Just because they were so cold, I could feel the route they took much more clearly.

    Most of the trails went down quickly between my breasts and came to a stop in my navel, which soon filled with saliva. With every new trail I expected my navel reservoir to overflow, but it took longer because of the stickiness of the drool. When it eventually did, it was an unforgettable experience. Now the trails went everywhere. It seemed that they were not driven by gravity, instead it seemed like somebody was playing with me and touching me everywhere. In my mind I replaced the outer end of the saliva trails with the fingertips of someone who felt he had the right to touch me how and wherever he wanted. The saliva trails were always a bit ticklish but when some of them reached my pussy it gave an intense feeling. I was so aroused and wet (also very much without the drooling haha) that my pussy was so receptive for any touch. Those drips that touched my there also had a psychological effect on me: that the invisible guy that was touching my whole body, had the courage to touch me there while I wasn’t able to do anything about it. I loved it, but at the same time it seemed he was being too intimate with me.

    The saliva trails went everywhere, even as far as my toes and after just 20 minutes I was completely covered by a thick layer of drool. I felt so dirty and low then.

    At times I tried to speak, but with a ring gag that is virtually impossible and even more with so much saliva your own mouth. It aroused me so much when nothing more than some grunts came out and real speech was impossible. Meanwhile with every attempt to speak and to move my jaw I felt the straps of the harness cutting into my face, I made the straps extra tight.

    A bit earlier than the planned 60 minutes I removed the gag because I felt the muscles in my jaw aching a lot. It is so unnatural having your mouth wide open for an hour and I certainly didn’t want to have permanent damage. I was not too late to remove the sticky gag, but for some hours after I felt the price my muscles had paid of keeping my mouth open. Then I took a shower and enjoyed being clean again.

    I would love to hear the experiences of BDSM-lovers who can identify with the need to gagged and transformed into an inarticulate being.
    Thanks for reading my experience.
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  2. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    It's very interesting reading your experience with a gag. To be perfectly honest, i am almost scared of wearing one as, for starters, i don't really like thinks constricting my mouth. i was wondering if you knew of any way for me to become comfortable with one? As i know My Master would be happy if i let him gag me.

    ashlie x
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Ashlie, there are different types of gags: ring gags, ball gags, bit gags, spider gags, penis gags, muzzles, improvised sock in the mouth or bandana through the mouth gags (cleave gag), and so on. So you might explore them and see if there's one that seems to work for you. You can find a list of them here:

    You might start with a detective gag. It doesn't really constrict your mouth very much, but its frequent use in tv shows and movies makes it 'feel' like a real gag. If you get comfortable with it, then move up to cleave gags maybe or a bit gag.
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  4. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    Thank you Sebastian :)

    ashlie x
  5. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    Just to let you know, me and Nuka used a scarf as a gag. It was a huge turn on for me, as i couldn't talk properly, the only noise i could make was moans. Nuka liked it too he says :) We are going to continue working with it.

    ashlie x
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  6. kwakWala

    kwakWala New Member

    Hi Ashlie,
    So good to hear your first experience with a gag was a good one. Maybe now you are a bit more comfortable wearing one and you dare to experiment with other types? Good luck!
  7. ritualeclipse

    ritualeclipse New Member

    That was one hell of a story. I love spit and seeing spit everywhere. I plan to use a ring gag on my girlfriend tonight while she has strong menthol gum in her mouth, that will make her drool even more >:)
  8. Winfal9

    Winfal9 New Member

    I like to be the one putting it on my sub, not wearing it. but they are pretty when used right.
  9. My favorite has always been panties shoved in my mouth. Tied with shoestring or not tied. Its very arousing tasting her wetness while you can't talk. Ballgg is the only other type I've tried. It is great as well.

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