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    My master and I have added yet another humiliating kink to our games.

    I was trying out my new ring gag, and while this itself didn't turn out so well, I was a bit taken aback by how much I ended up drooling. I had read that drooling with a ring gag would be intense, and fuck, it was true :eek:

    I ended up kneeling on the hard floor, with a pretty big puddle of it in front of me. I was being spanked and fingered at the same time, with my master alternating between whispering filthy possibilities in my ear, and declaring in a sharp tone how disgusting I was, for making such a mess on the floor.

    I was looking at this drool puddle, and began thinking about how humiliating it would be if I were to somehow end up with my face in it. But I didn't want to do it of my own free will; I wanted to be forced. And before I knew it, I was. I have a 'position' kneeling at my master's feet, and when he stands before me, I must press my head to the ground between his feet. Only, this time, right between his feet was the drool puddle :(

    It seemed I now had no choice but to press my face into it; it was disgusting, all cold and thick and wet, but being degraded in such a way was an unbelievable turn on. I ended up with drool all over my face and hair, and when I tried to kiss my master afterwards, he was too disgusted to let me get close, and got a bit annoyed when I accidentally drooled a bit on his clothes :(

    In the end, he was spanking me, hard, while gripping my head and forcing me into the drool, absolutely covering me in it. I hated the feeling of it, but the humiliation was more than worth it, and I can't wait until we can do something like this again... ;)
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  2. master jey

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    I really would like to see thet XD
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  3. subspace

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    OLP - I meant to say something earlier but...
    Thanks for sharing this story! I haven't had much experience with gags/drool but I love the humiliation involved here. I would not want to touch it but I would be very self-conscience and so embarrassed by it especially if my partner thought it was gross.
    Have you ever tried to spit while wearing a gag? Not the ring kind but some other form, wiffle ball gag maybe? I saw a video where a subbie was spitting to clear her throat to breath and was very close to getting punished for it. Hum.......
    Hope you find a better fit!
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    Hmm, no, never tried to spit. Whenever my throat gets more clogged up with drool than I can handle, I generally try to swallow it back down. This will sound disgusting, and I apologise, but when my master took the ring gag out of my mouth, I had to go and bring up some phlegm :(

    There's a better description of the gag itself in my 'burning sensation with ball gag' thread, along with some suggestions and ideas for what our next gag of choice will be...some of them are very interesting ;)

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