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    After I realized I had developed an SPH fetish I have often recalled past humiliating experiences and now get very aroused by them even if at the time they were anything but enjoyable.
    One such experience I would love to endure again for real but it would totally lack the intensity if it was orchestrated so it is very doubtful i will get to "suffer" this particular humiliation again.
    When i was in my very early 20's i shared a large house with some other guys and gals about my age. I got on well with everyone except for one guy (Jeff). We had a personality clash and mostly avoided each other when possible, We did share a common social circle but were grudgingly polite to each other when thrust into social situations.
    I had been dating Catherine whom I had met through this common social sphere. Therefore she had crossed paths with him as well sometimes. We had as yet not engaged in anything sexual but I believed i had a pretty good chance to take it to the next level when she agreed to come to a party at my house. This would be the first time we would be together at either of our abodes.
    All seemed to going well but unfortunately before i lured Catherine to my personal lair I ended up getting too wasted and apparently had wandered up to my room and passed out. I awoke on my bed clad only in a t-shirt with sunlight streaming in thru my window. I desperately needed a piss and rushed across the hallway to the nearest toilet. (There was another one downstairs but that was too inconvenient) The door was closed but not locked and I heard the shower come on as I was about to enter. I enquired as to who was in the shower and when i heard a male reply I burst in saying I was desperate for a piss. Before Jeff could object i was already at the toilet, He wasnt happy at all about his privacy being disturbed but when I flushed the toilet and turned on the hot water tap in the sink he went ballistic. (I think the fact that there was a sudden temperature change in his shower may have contributed to his angry response. i had just opened the door to exit when he leapt on me. We tussled for a bit exchanging expletives before he managed to get the better of me and threw me to the floor. I was laying on my back with a naked Jeff pinning my arms with his knees when I noticed a wide-eyed Catherine standing in the hallway viewing the whole scene. (Apparently she had stayed the night after all but had pitched up on the living room couch downstairs) Having heard the comm. otion she had rushed upstairs to calm things down. Instead she stood in shock at the scene before her. She could obviously see Jeff's very large penis dangling inches from my face and in pathetic juxtaposition my very tiny penis barely showing between my legs.
    At this point Jeff decided to release me and I wordlessly dashed by Catherine to find sanctuary back in my room.
    Although she didnt officially break it off with me for a week or so she made an excuse not to see me everytime i called her. When she did tell me that she was actually seeing someone else and wanted to be "just friends" I had no idea that this other guy was actually Jeff. Within a few weeks however it was blatantly obvious as he was fucking her on a regular basis in his room next to mine.
    When all this happened i got no enjoyment from it in the least. It was totally humiliating. Bad enough that I was totally outmanned by Jeff but physically defeated as well and it was in front of the girl I had been lusting after. She saw my cock for the first and only time and it is pathetically tiny but it fely even more babysized as it was in direct visual comparison to another guy's far far bigger dick. His flaccid cock would dwarf mine completely even if I was fully erect.
    i heard through the grapevine that she had actually fancied Jeff a bit before he humiliated me in front of her but when she saw him so manfully put me to shame it totally gave her the hots for him andequally totally lost any sexual interest she had for me.
    However now when I recall this great humiliation i get extremely aroused and i fantasize about something similar befalling me.
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