First Enema Experience

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by underdog, Feb 16, 2011.

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    Alright then folks - I've just finished up on my first enema experience, and thought I might share it with you guys.

    First off, what I used was some standard hosepipe that I'd cut to about two metres, a standard hosepipe nozzle (the long thin ones that spray or shoot depending on which way you twist it) and a 1l water bottle that I pierced a hole in the top to allow air in to release the pressure and allow the water to flow. So, a little painfully putting the nozzle in - I'd tried to find one with the slimmest top but it was about 1.5 cm flat - but once it was in a bit, it slid the rest in pretty easily. I held the water bottle up high, taped it to the wall, lay down in the bath and let the water flow. The first thing I noticed was the cool feeling in my stomach, like someone just put an ice cube inside of me. Then the only way to describe the feeling was being "filled". I took in 750ml of water and held it for around 5 minutes, with the exception to a small squirt when I took out the nozzle from my ass. When I finally released, it felt like I was sitting on a fire hose, with a strong thin jet coming out of my ass that lasted around 30 seconds. Cleaned up, went over to my laptop, started typing up!

    Please do comment and ask any questions and give me feedback on how I did - I'm bound to have missed something as it was only my first try with an enema.
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    Oh nice, that is an interesting way to do that. I use to use those squeeze bottles when I was younger. You could try to hold it for longer if you enjoyed it.

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