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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by samanthajones, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. samanthajones

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    Everyone has given some great advice. A lot of it i knew or were familiar with but, advice on newbie vanilla lover helped. I recently moved back to my hometown I grew up in soon after my relationship ended with my ex daddy. Things just grew apart. My highschool sweetheart got in touch with me on facebook and we talked for over a month. We were both crushed when my family moved and we had to break it off. When I met him for dinner, he was as nice as I remembered, and we have been serious about 6 months. I thought that's what I wanted again but, charming got lame real soon.

    When my relationship ended with daddy it had come a long way from when I was vanilla. We didn't work but, I miss the verbal abuse, his dominant control, and his patience to let me get where I was when it ended. I remember when I was vanilla and we started dating. I always told him I wanted bigger boobs and he said I look great. Took 2yrs and a lot of hard work for Daddy to reward me and agree to get them done for me. I was a b cup and always wanted 34c since i'm little framed. But, I wanted Daddy to choose my bust, he always made great decisions, and he would be so happy knowing I loved it. The idea of dd was sexy but, we talked over the risks with docter, and I wanted them. He did a great job, can't avoid some stretch marks but, i'm happy. I miss the outfits he picked out for me and the humiliation.

    Now that you have some background her is my problem with newbie
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  2. samanthajones

    samanthajones New Member

    We are going to see my family and I got in touch with some couple's I became close with and they invited us over. He said he would like to visit to get some tips about what I like. I'm worried he will get scared away when he see's. What can I do?
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  3. trample2004

    trample2004 New Member

    ok. thank you
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  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Samantha: The FAQ is not the place to ask specific questions. It's purpose is to provide newbies with basic info about BDSM and help them avoid some of the common mistakes. Please start a new thread for your question.
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  5. samanthajones

    samanthajones New Member

    My bad, first time on a discussion site.
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    I'm going to move this into a thread, but just to add on, it looks like you might have missed some of your first post.

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