Dishonorable Doms :-/

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by slave_nicki, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. slave_nicki

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    So, I'm not looking for advice here, just little ticked off and wanting to vent.

    My Master has given me the task of seeking a woman because He wants to watch me get used and humiliated. (Just an aside, the reason why He is having me seek out the woman instead of just bringing one is because I get very nervous when it comes to flirting and stuff like that, and He wants me to get better at it.)
    So anywho, I clearly explained that My Master is into BBWs and wants to watch another BBW use me for her sexual pleasure. Most of the responses I ended up getting were from men. So, I would politely explain that my Master is not allowing me to be used by other men, only women. But if He changed His mind, I would let them know.
    I had one tell me to disobey me Master and let him "get at me"
    I had two others tell me they wanted to be my new Master and asking how we coud make that happen.
    I had another tell me he was in love and so sad (which wasn't that bad)
    I had another try to convince me that he could pleasure me better than a woman and he's never seen a woman like me, blah blah you get the idea.

    I know there are people who don't respect a vanilla relationship, so I don't really expect that much difference in the BDSM world, but damn! I'm just trying to please my Master here, not get caught up in all this crap. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
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  2. sebastian

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    There are definitely wanna-be doms and unethical doms who show no respect for their subs or for other doms and subs. They don't understand that poor ethical standards on their part is a good argument for not playing with them, because if they don't respect basic ethical boundaries, subs have no reason to expect them to respect limits. Also, they don't understand how critical honesty and trust are to bdsm.

    I met a sub last weekend who had come to my city from another country to meet a dom here for possibly slavery. The dom initially told him that he could stay with the dom, but then suddenly told him to get a hotel room. The dom met with the sub for two hours, said he would meet again the next day, and then for three days kept telling the sub he was too busy but would meet the next day. He was also told that the dom had a boyfriend who didn't know about the sub. So the dom got the sub to spend hundreds of dollars on travel and a hotel room and then essentially ignored the sub once he got here. I was angered that a dom would do shit like that to a sub who was sincerely making the effort to see if a real relationship was possible.

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