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Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by kerblimey, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. kerblimey

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    i'm a newbie but ive had a look around but cant seem to find anything relating to what i would like some help with understanding.

    i'm very new to this whole scene. i suppose i need somewhat of a back story to explain how this all happened after being dumped by my boyfriend (end of june) which i actually got over pretty quick.

    through a social website (not a bdsm website mind) i then met this couple who are into BDSM and fell into it myself (lightly yet i think). so the other night after being tied up and whipped by different implements (i was able to stay silent) and stimulated by a vibrator inside me and on my clitoris i orgasmed. whilst the was happening i was whipped again but was unable to stay silent and screamed for every hit. i then cried after one of the wasn't a bad cry though and i felt like i've never felt before. after i was told to sleep by my dom i felt serene, composed and happy whilst being somewhat quite (by my standards)

    thats the part i'm confused about, thats the part i could do with the explanation about as i dont understand why i cried.

    sorry for the long winded post. :(
    any help i VERY much appreciated :love:
  2. Nuka

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    In scenes like that, it's just a mix of the emotions, your brain and body don't know how to compose themselves and organise thoughts.

    I get ashlie like that, and we've been playing together a while now. I wouldn't worry about it, it's a natural thing, consider it as part of breaking in.
  3. kerblimey

    kerblimey New Member

    i suppose cos i'm very new (just over a month actually) at this i just dont understand it. before this sex was boring and i hated the thought of it with my long term partner.

    tyvm for the explanation :)
  4. Knots

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    Nuk's right, in such scenes you go through an intense emotional journey, sometimes it's quite overwhelming, things which you wanted 2 minutes ago you don't want now or you might beg for things you'd previously detested. It's a product of the escape.
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  5. kerblimey

    kerblimey New Member

    i'm beginning to understand i think. it's something i'm definitely wanting to try again...although i know it might now happen in then same way or get the same result.

    i think because sex before was always about what my partner wanted and it came to the point of not ever wanting sex with him. then this happens with new people and i assume its overwhelmingly different.

    i assume Nuk, when you say
    that mean theres more to come?? :)
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  6. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    Ahh if you're lucky xD

    But yes I should assume there would be... it depends on what you and your Dom do...
  7. kerblimey

    kerblimey New Member

    if i'm completely honest this is the 3rd time we've met up (my dom and his partner [who is his full time sub]). we're arranging another meeting soon and we keep in contact through text and a different type of social site, but for this to have been my 3rd meet up means i've probably been in the wrong relationship beforehand. i know he's doing everything right cos i'm enjoying it....and i know there's not much i can do except enjoy it, but i want to make sure i'm doing things right for him too. is there any tips??
  8. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    Go into any situation or scene with an open mind. If something happens that you honestly don't feel comfortable with or don't like, then tell them. You might have to safeword it rather than just saying no, but then explain how you feel about it, any good Dom will listen and advise from there.

    Keep up with research on the net, maybe go to the next meet up with an idea of something or a couple of things you want to try... for example, do you want to try wax? Or tying up? Do you want to have lots of food involved?

    Your browsing will help with that.

    And at all lengths and in the end, be honest, be open and communicate.

    The rest, including you, will fall into place.
  9. kerblimey

    kerblimey New Member

  10. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    Tell us how it goes
  11. kerblimey

    kerblimey New Member

    apparently we're moving onto being tied up outside instead next time. :p he knows that there are safety aspects as he's been doing this with his partner for years and researched the hell out of it too. i assume that theres not to much you can go on from where i did in the bedroom really which is why he's wanting me to move onto there. i'm very happy...albeit very nervous about this. we'll see how it goes :eek:

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