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  1. Any guys ever been 'milked'?
    I was intrigued by the milking pics on here, and Puppy and I decided to have a go, and do you know what she did?
    It was so cute, she got us a milking pail. :D
    A tiny little metal bucket like they milk cows in.
    I really had a good time with that experience, it was kind of strange, with the pail there under my genitals, and as she was teasing my balls and jerking and caressing my cock, I felt sort of humiliated and excited at the same time. It felt like it was a 'formal' job of work, to get my mess up, if that makes sense.
    The icing on the cake, so to speak, was the noise of my jet of cum as it hit the pail.
    Wonderful. :D Recommended.

  2. MOP that's so weird, I was just about to post a thread on lactating, maybe it could tack onto this if you don't mind?

    I've wanted to try it for a long time. Does anyone know how to induce non-pregnancy lactation?
  3. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    omg MOP i wanna try :D
    and mop i always wanted to say i love your avatar
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    So how is milking different from just getting jacked off?
  5. WmaGuy

    WmaGuy Member

    That's one thing I've never tried that I have always been intrigued by....I would love to do it in the submissive role - if I one day find someone comfortable with the switch...

    InnocentFacade: There are ways to induce lactation without being pregnant. I have never done it with anyone I was with, but I have friends who have done it. It requires some patience and can be done naturally- without hormones or drugs. They didn't do it for the kink of it, (at least that was not their primary goal as far as I know). They adopted a baby and she wanted to breast-feed. I remember they bought a medical grade breast pump and she also changed her diet dramatically. It worked and she breast-fed her adopted baby successfully.

    My last girlfriend had a medical condition, (Prolactinoma), which tricked her body into lactating quite frequently. It was a potentially serious medical condition which we were both glad was resolved in the end, but we did have some fun with it while it lasted. Afterwards, we were able to get it going again, (though far less frequently and far less volume), by some dedicated breast play, (everyone wins)... :)
  6. Death

    Death Member

    Yeah, thank god it's possible.... doesn't ever have to do anything with disgusting pregnancy.

    Not at all interested in this stuff, though.... was thinking this thread had to do with lactation. :l Like, something like this, maybe, lol. :p Now wouldn't it be nice with a cup of yunnan tea with warmed girlfriend milk?

  7. Cheers M. Jey, and IF, of course you can tack your thread on this, we are all friends here. :cool:
    I guess it's the same as getting jacked off really, but with a few bells and whistles.
    I just like the formality of it, maybe a scenario could be done, where the 'classy lady' milks the guy's cum up, with latex gloves, and is totally disgusted by the whole process. :D
  8. WmaGuy

    WmaGuy Member

    Well, it's a bit different...True "milking" usually involves a skilled partner - familiar with the ways of prostate massage...Done properly, this alone can cause ejaculation, without touching the penis whatsoever and in some cases, that's the point. It does not always work and sometimes needs to be coupled with stroking on the penis, but when it does, it's supposed to be quite something....The closest I have come to this was during some anal play, some moons ago, I just let go...Nothing was even touching my penis...

  9. The only regret I have, about our milking session, was that I didn't have a cute little milkmaid's outfit to wear :(
  10. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    thet would make him hapy :D

  11. I know, but I can't really justify the expense right now :(
  12. Spankalicious

    Spankalicious New Member

    When you milk the prostate, your finger or whatever is applying the pressure to the prostate gland, just massages or pushes stored fluid thats been waiting for the next ejaculate. Prostate fluids purpose is to mix w/ sperm and nurish and protect them for the acidic vaginal environment.
    No to mention it feels good as hell to my man!!!
  13. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    I live in dairy country. The official "milkmaid" uniform appears to be: rubber boots, faded Glory blue jeans, an American Eagle t-shirt, and a baseball cap endorsed by your favorite NASCAR driver.

    hey, I don't make the rules.

  14. I meant a cute old fashioned milkmaid's outfit, similar to an old 'bar wench' costume with peasant blouses and corsets and so on...I'd need huge boobs to make that work though :(
  15. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    My rather flat-chested friend informs me that the right corset will give almost any woman temporary boobs. She works at a Ren Faire costume shop, so she knows whereof she speaks. So if you want boobs, there's a corset for you out there.

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