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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by CuriousKitty, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. CuriousKitty

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    I haven't posted here much (just because I'm very aware Sir checks often and I may let something slip I'd come to regret! XD) but lately I've needed an outlet to speak about my submissiveness. I have the blog Sir ordered me to keep, but its not the same when I don't get the wonderful feedback like this community offers (plus maybe im a bit of an exhibitionist?)

    Anyways...right now Sir and I are purely online only. Now I know that's not all that big a deal but lately I've been overly frustrated and stressed because I NEED that phsyical contact, I really want to be able to feel his dominance physically. Don't get me wrong, he's put me through quite a bit such as limiting my me time, making me take photos I absolutely did not want to take (to be fair it was a punishment...but still big pouty face! XD), giving me a time limit, or just plain humiliating me by calling me names or telling me what he plans to do. But I want more! I don't feel like he's completely owned me yet, and I think part of that is I want that physical aspect of the relationship so bad.

    I feel sometimes I act out purposely in the hope that somehow ill be punished physically, but all that leads to is disappointment on both ends or more humiliation (which I must admit I'm quite fond of but not all the time) and I want to feel more. I want a hand, a whip, a whatever, something that hurts! I want to be smacked, or restrained, teased, used, everything. (Before suggesting that he have me hurt myself I don't think that's all too valid....I feel like I would purposely go easy on myself or just not get into it because I know its me and not Sir, though actually nix that, I wouldn't mind suggestions, at the very least they'd excite me)

    So I guess my question is to subs and Doms, how do you make it work? Oh it might be helpful to mention I don't have a mic or webcam, my cat notoriously loves to chew through them. subs how does your dom make you feel just completely owned and helpless? Doms how do you assert your dominance? I want to get past silly pictures and writing assignments but I don't know what else is out there, and I guess its possible im rushing things, but I can't help it, I know I want this, but I want it now :<

    I don't know, maybe im just extremely pent up and's been a while...right now I'd be happy just to get smacked around for no good reason *sigh*

    And for those of you feeling generous, I'd love to read stories of your best sub/dom moment :D

    Thanks for listening to this kitty's rambling!
  2. AnErieGuy

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    What MIGHT help... personally it did for me for online doms that wanted me but I had to hide my ID being I was underaged during those times, was using an avatar. Second Life, or some free MMO like Perfect World, they give aspects into fantasy while still thrilling in on reality. When you see that dominant Avatar of your Master/Mistress it, for me, felt more personal, gave me a more physical look at what it would be like. I mean, you ARE still doing what you're doing, it's still all YOU, but you have a visual now of what HE would be doing, so you can more accuratly depict in your mind what to do until he gets there. I mean, this is still only metaphysical, but it MIGHT help with some coping. In the end, all that will fix this (IMO) is finally submitting to him IRL, or, finding out you can't submit to him. Not to take his ability to dominate into question, but to an extent you are fantasizing about him doing these things to you, and when the real thing comes, you might be seriously dissappointed, I have seen other's have this issue before. I myself am still a young BDSM switch, so only take my advice with a grain of salt please. ^.^
  3. bsproms

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    I personally don't get why anyone would bother with online sub or dom. Surely your time is better spent meeting real people, fall in love with someone who wants to please your very soul. A person who wants to dominate you because they know it will make you happy. Net sex, fantasies don't teach you how to look someone in the eyes when you are helpless and at their mercy. You don't feel the restriction of restraints, which is an incredible feeling. My partner had never even considered domination before she met me. Now she craves it like I do.
    I'm just saying don't devote yourself to someone online when there are people out there whom with you can achieve sooo much more.

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