How to humiliate deeply?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by ThePunishHer, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. ThePunishHer

    ThePunishHer New Member

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    Hey people,

    My gf and I (I'm 23 and she is 20) have found out that we both enjoy bdsm a lot!
    She is a total sub and agreed she will be my total slave/whore and that there are few limits. (Hitting/cutting/piercing etc.)
    She will take buttplugs, face slapping, spitting/cumming on face, ball gags, fish hooks, leash, anal gaping etc.
    She really has a thing for being humiliated through and through.

    I have read the faq, and a big thank you to Sebastian and other contributors! but I'd like to get some tips on how to really humiliate her. To the point that she'll cry and feel like waste.

    So some positions/locations/words/settings/gear to really humiliate my anal whore?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Humiliation can be very specific to the sub, so ask her what triggers those feelings. A few of the basics are insults, forced nudity (combined with chores), boot licking, and writing vulgarities on her body and making her wear those for the day. I like insulting my boy and then making him repeat it "Yes, sir, I'm a worthless fuck". Some subs find being pissed on very humiliating, others don't. If she's very proud of her appearance or body, you can make her wear ugly or baggy clothes, forbid her to wear make-up (or order her to do her make-up excessively).

    Also, find out what kinds of humiliation will be bad. For example, if she is self-conscious about her weight, stay away from insults like "fat pig". One of the challenging with humiliation is to keep it in the realm of good humiliation. You don't want to harm her essential self-esteem. Humiliation play requires a sub who has a fairly strong sense of self-worth. The pleasure of being humiliated is the contrast between one's normal self-worth and the sharp loss of it. Subs who think badly of themselves already don't see humiliation as pleasurable; they see it as a simple statement of the truth.
  3. ThePunishHer

    ThePunishHer New Member

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    Wow thanks for you advice Sebastian! You truly are experienced.
    I was thinking about some things, maybe you can give your opinion about them (in general).

    - Make her wear a butt plug under her regular clothes for a couple of hours.
    - Slap her face and tits while i call her names like whore, pig, worthless fuck meat stuff like that.
    - Speculum her ass and smell the inside, then tell her she smells like shit
    - Rough ass fingering
    - Make her state things like 'I'm a dumb whore' a lot
    - Ride her face with my cock, ass and balls
    - Fuck her hard with her head on the toilet floor
    - Cum in her ass, then make her fart it out and rub herself in with it
    - Leash her around the apartment like a dog

    I really want to make her cry. Like.. break her. She wants that too. So no soft stuff.
  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    If she wants you to really break, her, find out what really makes her feel proud and then do a scene that undermines it. For example, if she is very confident in her ability to perform a particular chore, like cooking, demand that she do it under impossible conditions (she has half the time she needs, or something like that) and then be really critical of the result. "Is this the best you can do? This tastes like crap! I thought you were better than that." If she prides herself on her looks, compare her unfavorably to other women. "She looks like you, but honestly she's prettier than you."

    Another warning: if you're going to treat her like a worthless piece of shit, you still need to give her something to feel proud about. I tell my boys "You're a worthless piece of shit, but you're MY worthless piece of shit. Lots of boys beg for my attention, and you're one of the lucky few that holds my attention." My theory is that this encourages them to feel pride vicariously; they think I'm a hot dom, and they are proud that I've chosen them. There are other ways to do this. The point is that breaking a sub down without providing anything in its place is probably very risky; few subs can handle that in a healthy way.
  5. war1022

    war1022 New Member

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    I answered your other string but I see you want to really embarrass her.

    Take her to a bed and breakfast. Then that night be really loud in your love making (fucking). Try to make sure the people in the next room/rooms (even below if multi floors) hear head board banging, vibe sounds, her begging or whimpering for you to stop. Large dildos do the trick for begging and whimpering.

    Stay more than one day and leave "tools" out for the person who cleans the room to see. Leave a banana, cucumber, lube, vibe, very large dildo out in sight.

    Remember, she has to eat breakfast across the table from the people who heard the noise.

    Another is have sex with the window/windows open. Close to the swimming pool room with people outside is better. Do something to her to get her talking (complaining). I like to put the sub bent over something close to the window and they can hear the slapping and popping of the thrusting. Caution. Look outside by the pool first. Any kids around, wait until it's only adults.

    Have someone write a letter and take it with you to the hotel next time. Be noisy. Use a vibe on her and slide it in and out. Then in the letter have the person explain that they could hear the vibe getting louder and softer. Have them say in the letter that they knew she was being fucked by a vibe. In the letter say I waited to see you come out the door so I could see your face. Then leave for breakfast and drop the letter like it was put under the door like the bill. Then let her find it and read it.
  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I disagree, War. What you're suggesting is public play without getting the consent of those involved. That crosses the line into non-consensual play. The people staying at a B&B or working there don't want their vacations or work disrupted by a stranger's sex play. And having sex near an open window can actually qualify as public exposure. I know of one case where a couple were charged with public indecency because the people outside could hear the sex but not see it.
  7. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Agree with sebastian. Don't get yourself ticketed for playing. I don't have many new suggestions for this thread, but I'm joining in the warning.
  8. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Just came up with an idea... It's too vivid for you, I guess, but maybe someone will like it.

    When Dom is laying on the bed with his laptop on the stomach doing something, his sub is required to do a bj for him while the screen of the laptop is between them. So, he is mainly working (or gaming) and show no sign of that the sub is down there, and the only thing She can enjoy is pleasing her Dom, and also he can let her please herself with his toe.

    I personally loved the idea so much :D wish to make it real one day :)
  9. Jayneshusband

    Jayneshusband New Member

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    Jayne like this too, but we have to be very careful as she works as in a very 'respectable role'.

    The best thing I did was set up some fake email accounts, and then emailed pictures of her having been written on and with cum on her face, anal gaping and suchlike.

    I then 'replied' to these emails and used many of her favourite trigger words, like whore and bustyslut. I also included some words she does not like like tits (they are always breasts) and cunt. I had the replies to these emails say what they wanted to do to her and how they would be showing theire friends.

    I then made her read them out while I spanked her for being so naughty.

    She was shamed, humilated angry and shocked, she had half an idea they were fake but then was also scred incase they weren't.

    Try it.
  10. Knots

    Knots Member

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    I agree with others War; that crosses lines which shouldn't be crossed. Public play should be done in such a way that others do not realise it's taking place.

    Firstly, Sebastian is along the right track, in that you should find specific points which you can concentrate on if you wish to "break" her (whilst also being wary of her mental safety and stability, of course).

    You seem to be intent on rather direct forms of humiliation, which can be very effective if delivered correctly but there's an inclination for newbies to not squeeze all the juice out of an activity. For instance, with the butt plug* you might leave it on the bedroom table for her to notice, then taunt her, gently teasing her with it as you rub it across her lips, slowly working down to her bottom...etc. My advice with any activity is that you make sure you make a meal out of it (though not so long that it becomes dull; there's a balance to be struck) instead of (in this instance) just casually sticking something up her arse.

    *Random example; no reason for choosing this nor is there any preference, just used to illustrate a point.

    Hehe, nice idea. I personally intend on having my pet do all sorts of weird and wonderful things whilst I work xd.
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  11. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Knots, happy you liked :) mind sharing some of your thoughts with us? :) i mean plans for your pet
  12. Knots

    Knots Member

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    I'll probably include a few in a story...In a bit. Don't want to spoil the surprise (she stalks me on this forum; not got an account herself, though).
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  13. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Haha, I see :) well I wll be waiting for another story one day :D Will organise a fan club meanwhile :D :D
  14. Knots

    Knots Member

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    Hehe, you're such a sweetie! xd. Lovely little fox xd.
  15. HisFox

    HisFox Member

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    Lol I guess she stalks you for a reason :) :D But thanks :)

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