Fighting for dominance, is it a thing?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by KittenMittens, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. KittenMittens

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    I was thinking a bit about the whole dominant/submissive thing, which is a pretty new concept for me. I'm largely unfamiliar with it, though I think I've probably heard of it here and there. I also don't think I'm personally into being dominant or submissive - too timid and shy to be dominant, but too stubborn and decisive to be submissive.

    However you could say I was daydreaming about it, and I know what I would like to see - two poeple who were neither submissive or dominant, or two doms pitting all they had against each other. Teeth, nails, fists, grabs etc and battling to stay on top, like tigers. Not too brutal, just some really fun and animalistic fighting roleplay, until one of them dominates the other. I really think that sounds hot.

    Is this a thing? Does anyone else have any experiences of this?
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Yes, it is, particularly between switches, or with 'bratty' subs. I've also heard people who are into pet play saying that they try to wrestle the collar onto eachother.

    I have no experience with it.

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    Ermergerd... I kind of non-consensually did this to a Dom. He was a smaller guy, and we were totally crazy drunk at his birthday party, and he was being too aggressive in asking this girl who wanted no part of it to have sex with him... She was into me, and the alcohol had me into her, and I felt really protective over her, because she was SUPER crossfaded and I'm just that way with girls. So I jumped on top of him and held him down by his hair and growled at him. He got me back later, though. This was all out of a BDSM context, BTW. He just usually topped me. IDK what got into me! Probably just the lowered inhibitions (which, as a disclaimer, I generally do NOT do anything kinky while under the influence) mixed with anger and territorialness over that girl.

    Since then, I've done that with some kinky guys while we were having vanilla sex. Just caught them off guard while I was on top and grabbed their hair and sometimes give them a few slaps. Then it usually ends up turning them on and they'll eventually wrestle the power away from me, then grab my hair and slap me around and fuck me. It's amazing:)
  4. subarama30

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    I am totally into this!

    I always liked play fighting/wrestling with my man even when we were nilla and I hadn't come clean about my kinks.

    I generally consider myself a fighter when it comes to submission, I don't just roll over and take whatever is coming to me, I always put up a struggle and get him to MAKE me submit. It's part of the buzz to me, to make him fight for it. If he tells me to do something I say 'no' or 'make me'. I like to try to get away or fight him off, or hit him back till he gets the better of me or I'm too turned on to bother resisting anymore.
  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    There are many gay men who like to wrestle for dominance. There's even porn websites devoted to it.

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