My personal fantasy of dominance.

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Mmmmph, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Mmmmph

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    So, I've had a fantasy for some time now, of being in a relationship with a submissive woman, but not really as a master so much as the dominant companion.

    In the fantasy, she wears a collar like she'd wear a wedding ring, all the time. It reminds her of who owns her, and this makes her feel safe and valued. Beyond that fact, the bondage and domination stays in our sex life, there is never a time where she isn't allowed to speak or choose for herself. Until the ropes go on and the gag goes in, she is every bit an equal with feelings and skills and big ideas like anyone else. Just not after, of course, because she likes it that way. I personally feel valued from this fantasy, like I make someone complete, and I feel loved for being relied on so deeply.

    This is more of a romance thing then a sexual thing, I think. Still I find myself think about this fantasy of mine more and more, and I suppose I want it to happen.

    Anyone seen/heard of/participated in such a relationship, or something similar? I'd like to hear some stories, or similar fantasies. I'm not even sure people exist who would like something like this, maybe its just me. :)

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    Ahh.. It is definitely more common then what you would think, and is perfectly normal. I am certain that there are a few here that can provide stories more specific to a 24/7 relationship involving D/S. The commitment collar is a common item shared among many couples who value their D/S lifestyle and relationship!
  3. subarama30

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    I suppose my relationship is kinda like this. I am a very strong willed, some would even say a dominant person in my day to day life but in the bedroom I love a dominant man to take control and cannot imagine it any other way. Even before I introduced my partner to the D/s thing I still very much took the submissive role in the bedroom. I am an equal in every other way.

    We have not worked up to collars as I don't think my partner would be comfortable with that symbol as yet (he is newer to this than me) but I would not have a problem wearing one.

    There are a lot of people out there who only let the D/s thing happen in the bedroom so you are not unusual. Not all of us subs want to be 'owned' or feel like we have to hand over control of our entire lives to someone.
  4. JettOnly

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    Well as you can see I'm very new to this, but even in more normal relationships I would only ever class myself as sexually submissive

    The idea of being a full time slave actually makes me feel angry
    No offense to those who want it, strangely I do understand, but I am so stubborn and angry I would be rubbish

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    I'm also new to BDSM... I do not share said fantasy, but I would believe there are many people out there who do! I didn't think many people shared mine but apparently they do! I need a loving, Daddy dom to spoil me in bed... But in public or outside of the bedroom we do not go there... Maybe he'll whisper something in my ear out and about, but usually not even that. I, however, would definitely not mind if my boyfriend could stay in his dominant role longer- like for an entire weekend or something... But not all the time.

    I'm sure there are plenty of subs who would like what you described. I mean, most people don't like the idea of being treated like a slave 24/7... But being overall submissive to someone and totally submissive in the bedroom I'm sure is something lots of subs want:)

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