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    One thing I have noticed when reading through this site, is the many references to a Christian upbringing or influence somewhere along the way.

    For me, I grew up in a strict Baptist Christian home that was very overbearing and it wasnt till my teens that I broke away and had my eyes opened to what is out in the real world - especially BDSM. I love the feeling I got from being bound, gagged and dominated, having my my Mistress at the time have her way with me, or ordering me to please her. I never looked back after that...

    How many others have come from such a background and how was it breaking out into this lifestyle for u?
  2. sebastian

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    I grew up in a moderately conservative Lutheran family. My father is a Lutheran minister and high school teacher. But we are a fairly intellectual family: my father also holds a doctorate in chemistry and mom has a doctorate in English. My father wasn't strict, just very serious about our faith. When I began to realize that I was gay, I struggled for a long time over this conflict, but eventually came to believe that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality. Being has been a deeply rewarding spiritual gift, one that's made me a better Christian and a better human being.

    I haven't yet felt a conflict between being gay and being dom. But that might be because I haven't had enough time as a dom to realize the conflicts on a theoretical level. Domming a sub seems to me an expression of 'doing onto others as I would have them do unto me", at least in basic principle, if not in specific acts.
  3. subspace

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    This question has come up a few times and I always say that being Catholic influences my politics not my sex life. I have never felt any sort of conflict between my religion and BDSM. This may be because it is not something I discuss openly with most people but I never felt the need to 'break away' from my religious upbringing. I do have a dose of the Catholic guilt and that may explain why I shell out every month for my son to go to Catholic school, I think 'my parents sacrificed for me so its the least I can do'.:) And lets face it, suffering through 12 years of Catholic school provides you with great anecdotal stories for a lifetime. :D
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  4. sebastian

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    Garrison Keillor perfectly summarized the difference between Catholics and Lutherans when he said that Catholics have guilt and Lutherans have regret. Catholics do stuff they're not supposed to, and feel guilty afterwards. Lutherans don't do stuff they're not supposed to and feel regret that they didn't. Almost all the things I would do differently in my life were opportunities I let pass by, not things I wish I hadn't done. I probably would have lost my virginity a half-decade sooner than I did if I'd only been a little less uptight one night.
  5. stray79

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    i was raised in a Babtist home. Mother is borderline fanatical, Daddy was devout but fun luving. It was church Sunday morning and night, and again on Wednesday night. Mother is half Native American and when i entered my teens i began to explore the spirituality of my ancestors. i believe that God and the Great Spirit are one and the same.

    When i first entered my M/s relationship i did have guilt and to be honest was horrified at the thought of anyone but Master and myself knowing the things i did for Him. He took it really slow with me in the beginning. He enjoyed humiliating me, and that was hard for me to deal with at first as well.

    O/our relationship was (and still is) a very spiritual one for me. i had the priviledge of serving Him for 10 years, He was my world, my Master and i adore Him. When He was with me i begged to kiss His feet at times because it was where i felt i belonged and i was compelled to serve Him in any way He desired.

    He respected my religious beliefs and even required that i set aside time daily for meditation and prayers.
  6. Dom-me

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    Found this link to be an interesting read....

    Can't say I disagree with what is said in the interview although it does seem in some places this interviewee doesnt have a full grasp of the 'secular' BDSM relationship...

    Don't think it matters whether you're Christian or not, any misuse of the lifestyle will pollute it. A Dom/me can misuse 'Biblical principles' just as much as a secular one can use secular aspects.

    Other than that I like the responses to the rest of the interview. Just goes to show that, Christian or not, the focus should be on respect, trust and love within the relationship; the Top caring for and looking after the bottom.
  7. master jey

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    well bout christianity i think if theres really a god out there (i don't belive) we'll all suffer in hell :D and we'll like it :p

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