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  1. Precious

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    Hey Everyone,

    So recently my family and I got out house foreclosed and sold right under us without our knowledge. Because of which we have to move into a rental, and yes, rental houses take animals but we have learned they do not take MANY animals. We have 5 dogs and 2 cats (a lot huh? animals lovers unite!!), anyways so the past 3 weeks I have driven myself nearly mad to find homes for these animals and ensure they would be safe, finally this wonderful shelter (Tara's Babies for anyone who lives in Arizona, US) that had no room but is making room for our dogs so they will be safe and loved- how awesome is that?!

    Anyways the whole point of the thread is, I'm pleading with every community I belong to to please, if you ever ever get a pet, get it from a shelter, and if you ever can, donate time or money to these organizations- make sure its a good one too! Because they really are life savers! I have no money (obviously) so this is my way of giving back to the shelters that work so hard to save our unsung friends!!

    So, yup thats about it my soapbox rant is over. GIVE TO SHELTERS! -cheer-
  2. sebastian

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    Precious, I'm sorry to hear about it. I would be devastated if I had to give away my two cats. And you're entirely right--one should always check out a shelter for possible pets before looking at other, for profit, sources. Unless you're looking for an unusual breed or a pure-breed, shelters can usually meet one's pet needs.
  3. Precious

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    That's what I think, and shelters above humane societies are usually better since Humane societies euthanize or send the animals they cant take to the shelters; many people forget about shelters since commercials and 'anti puppymill' people push humane society many forget there are even shelters that need lovin too
  4. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    Rudee wants to thank you for your support. Every dog I've owned in my life has been a shelter dog.

    Sorry to hear about how all that happened. I know so many others in varying degrees of the same situation.
    Here's hoping that you get back even more than you lost.

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    I got my beloved puppybear from a man who couldn't care for him after rescuing him from an "instant kill" shelter in Texas. I could never, ever justify spending thousands of dollars supporting a breeder after all the joy this wonderful boy has given my family and I. [​IMG]

    That's my puppybear =D

    PS, his name isn't puppybear lol He just looks like a teddy bear so that's what i call him.
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  6. L8NightQ

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    Oh Oh Innocent.....

    Have we started something?

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    Rudee is SOOOO cute

    Oh Oh Innocent . . . something I haven't heard in a while ;)
  8. Precious

    Precious Member

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    Rudee is the cutest!! Innocent you know i totally love your puppybear. It makes me so happy to know that people out there help and rescue their animals. I hope more people post their beloved rescues here!
  9. Ruelee

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    I keep budgies myself, usually I have two, though when one passes away, there's always a time where I only have one. They're nearly always gotten from a centre that takes in those budgies that people no longer want to care for, which I think is very sad. I like them myself, not as loud as a cockatiel or other larger birds, and only irritating when they really want something.

    At the moment, I've only got one, a little white one with sky-blue patches, we named her Aero. Rather unusualy (or so I'm told, at least) I don't keep her in the cage most of the time, the doors to her cage are left open all day around, and she has free roam of the living room, and quite happily sits on the handles to open the windows, and talks to the birds outside. We don't open the windows, of course, but we can leave the front room door open, and she won't fly out, she's very well behaved in the respect, she knows where she's allowed and not allowed.
  10. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    we recently added a loving red nosed pit bull to our family, he was abused and shows the signs of being tempered for a bait dog. for those who dont know what that is, its the dog they use to train fighting dogs... ya know, the ones that get chewed on and killed viciously by the dogs they plan on putting i n the ring... hes now a wonderful loving baby with a loving family... he was obviously a rescue.

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    Well, I myself own 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and a fish.
    My silver tipped tabby cat, Max, was a reject from a breeders for not having the right colouring a build. He was dumped into a sewer system, rescued and put in a personal shelter where i got him.
    My orange tabby cat, Milo, was saved from being abandoned by my uncle. He was going to throw Milo and his brother out to the side of a road, but thankfully they both found good homes.
    My two guinea pigs, Comet and Phantom were store bought, coming from a local breeder(the rescue didn't have any piggies)
    My fish, Romulus was saved when my stupid neighbor was going to flush him down a toilet cause she didn't want him anymore.

    I'm usually just that girl who will take your pet when your stupid enough to give up your commitment to it.
  12. Precious

    Precious Member

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    Ruelee- I love little birds, in theory anyways I don't think i could personally ever have a bird, does yours go in the house or does she know to go to the bathroom in her cage?

    Sparrow- I love love pitbulls I really can't stand people who fight dogs for their own amusement, go watch a movie, don't put these poor animals in harms way like that! I am glad he found a good home with you guys!

    Rose- I can not believe the cruelty of people sometimes and their disregard for animals lives, I am the same way you are where I take pets when you give them up, it really broke my heart when we had to find a place for our dogs, i am glad they went to a shelter that they can run through the woods and live by a river. More people need to stop being so selfish with these poor animals! I'm glad to see there are people out there like us all who think of them!

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    I've had dogs and cats from shelters in the past. We never had any problems with the cats, but unfortunately the dogs were a different story :(

    One dog, when I was a kid, was a collie/Jack Russell cross that my parents got from a boarding kennel. She was a lovely little thing, generaly well behaved, except that she would always pee and poo on the carpet. Attempts to correct this proved useless, so my mother insisted the dog be returned. The day after, she realised she'd made a mistake in doing so, and made arrangements to have the dog back again...only to find that she had been put to sleep within hours of being returned to the kennels :(

    Another dog, that we got from a shelter, was lovely too, but was initially terrified of people. No wonder...when she went to the vet for a check up, we were horrified to discover that her anal opening was a hell of a lot bigger than it should be, so there's a chance that whoever she was rescued from was inserting things into her, or even worse, having actual anal sex with her :eek: :mad: :(
  14. Ruelee

    Ruelee Member

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    Unfortunately, I've never actually been able to persuade any of my birds not to relieve themselves wherever they are at the time, but since they have favourite places to stand, such as on top of the curtain rail, on the window handles, on top of the light shades, on her cage, and sometimes even on top of the TV, it's usually confined to a few small places, so it's fairly easy to clean up after her.

    At the moment she doesn't like me all that much because she's molting, that always makes her a bit irritable, and she'll shout loudly at everyone when she wants something. No one's allowed to refill her seed or water except me at those times, she won't let them.
  15. Precious

    Precious Member

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    Aww That's so sad OLP! and I really can't believe someone did that to the poor dog!

    Rulee, that's kinda cute that she gets an attitude, but the not being able to control where they go, is the reason i don't really have a bird and never will..we do have baby birds in our bush in the backyard but thats a bit different lol

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