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    So, I keep chickening out on getting my nipples pierced, but, My Lord agreed to come with me and has decided that he wants me to have it done... So, guess I'm going to actually get it done this time. lol

    So, question is, how bad is it really? I have several tattoos and the pain there didnt bother me at all. Plus, I had my belly button done a few years back and that wasnt too bad either. Something about the nipples seems to make me squirm tho.

    Also, he mentioned that he wants me to have my clit done too. Now, this is something I hadn't even considered! Anyone else have this done? Whats the healing time? How dangerous is it? I hear there can be a loss of sensation if it's not done right... I know, Im being paranoid!

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    MLML, although I personally don't have either nipple or clit piercings (although I'm planning on getting the latter at some point), I think other people here, who have had them done, have described the procedure/aftercare etc. in this thread...


    Hope there's something there that will answer your questions :)

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    You're awesome OLP, thanks!

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    You're welcome :)

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    hmmm, ok... I read thru that thread and it didnt really give the information Im looking for as far as healing times and risks and such.

    Does anyone know? I'm off to do some google research too, but, figured I would try you guys first in hopes for some first hand experience... lol

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum but I can help in this topic. I'm 22 and got both my nipples pierced about three years now....wow that was a while ago. Anyway, I would be happy to let you know whatever you'd like.
    First , pain. It hurts, obviously, but what fun would it be if it didn't. I also have tattoos and getting pierced does hurt more than that. Well my one tattoo goes onto the bone on the top of my foot and getting that hurt more than the piercings. Piercings are quick so it's over fast.

    Healing, it took a long time to heal. the worst part is that you can't have any oral nipple stimulation while you are healing and any nipple play will set the healing back. I probably was not completely healed up for 3 months but that depends on the person.

    hope this helps
  7. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    wtf? XD
    my broken hand only needs 3 weeks...:D

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    So, it took a while, BUT, I got my nipples done today!!! Pictures pending... Im kinda swollen at the moment... lol
  9. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

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    So I'm talking with Master about his soon-coming wedding band since I have no clue what he likes. He wears no necklaces, watches, rings, nothing. So I'm like "we should pierce your ears" and he's like "no" So I decide I'll joke around a bit on the subject
    "No. Though I have debated on getting your nipples pierced."
    -rolls eyes- I love how he's been debating getting my nipples pierced and just tells me now. Of course, if he wanted to get them done I wouldn't complain (probably cry a little and cringe like I did both times I went to get my ears pierced. Second time was a little embarrassing cuz I was getting it done on my own free will and yet I still nearly cried ><)

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    Well, good luck if you get that done :)

    I've never really wanted mine done, and I think my master might have said once (I can't remember for definite) that the rings get in the way a bit.

    I want my clit done at some point though, and want him to come with me. I'm not sure if they would let him into the actual piercing room though, which I'm worried about, as I hate both pain and needles, and am liable to faint, and get very very scared :(

    *curses self for being such a spineless pussy* :(
  11. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    oh don't worry if i had to pierce my balls i would be like thet too XD
  12. kittengrey

    kittengrey Member

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    I'm scared shitless as well OLP, but Master's pain conditioning me so at least I'll be able to tolerate the pain a little more then I would of before. And also if he comes then I can just let myself sink into my little space of submission where he tells me to do something and I respond to the command without thought. Nice little trick I taught myself; the ability to open my mind to Master's commands fully and complete them without even thinking twice. Kinda like a self-hypnotism mechanism except I put myself under and he makes the commands

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    aw yay!!! U got ur nipples done!?!? I cant wait to see the pics! I used to have them done but had to get them taken out when I got my Breast Augmentation! :( But I am looking forward to getting them done again!

    Did u end up gettin ur clit pierced? I wana get that but Im scared...I have thought about gettin my hood pierced tho!
  14. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    For the record, I pierced my own penis. at the base, at the top, which has a wonderful ring, just perfect for rubbing against the clit during intercourse.

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    Didn't get my clit done, just the nipples, for now. I am totally LOVING them so far. I think we played with them a little too much yesterday though... I woke up this morning and they were all covered in blood...

    I actually thought about taking a picture for you Sparrow, but, the blood was already dried and crusty and wasn't nearly as pretty as it would have been had I woken up when they were actually bleeding... ;) I was so mad at myself though the night I got them done! I bumped one of them pretty bad and ended up bleeding a lot. After I got the bleeding to stop though I thought to myself, that it would have been an amazing pic, with the blood running down my chest and stomach (it looked amazing!)... I was kicking myself the rest of the night for not thinking of it right away!

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