Modern Christians' Views on Homosexuality

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by Crazyguy123, May 17, 2013.

  1. Crazyguy123

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    In another section of the site, the topic was brought up about how the current view many Christians have about homosexuality is holding the teaching of Christianity back. Since the particular thread the topic was started in was off topic of this discussion, I decided to post it here so that if anyone wished to discuss this topic, they could.

    Personally, since I used to be a Christian in the past but had a bad experience with it, the religion itself, not other believers, I have a personal bias against it so in my opinion, any view that holds the teaching of Christianity back is a good thing.

    I realize that others will disagree with the negative views that I have about Christianity, but that's perfectly okay. We don't need to agree. :)

    So if anyone would like to join the discussion, feel free. I am sure everyone who joins in will have something interesting to add to this.
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  2. scheppersrules

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    There's so many directions to take this.... One huge problem is that a simple teaching that "homosexuality is sin" or "homosexuality is wrong." Just because someone is a "Christian believer" (I made the point in the other thread that if Christianity is the objective truth, then technically we are ALL Christians whether we believe it or not), does not mean they necessarily carry the intelligence or understanding of Christ's message needed to tell others the "right" way to live life.

    Let's assume it is undebateable that the Bible says homosexuality is a sin, no doubt whatsoever. Let's throw in every other alternative sexual lifestyle while we are at it. Ok, so they're all sins.

    But everyone sins. Any Christian should know that. So where's the problem? It seems people feel that society's acceptance of homosexuality is the problem, that we are going against God's wishes by "accepting" this sort of lifestyle. But guess what? Society has already accepted plenty of other sinful lifestyles, behaviors, ideas, etc.. Some of them, say pornography, do have crusaders against it as well, but for some reason homosexuality is viewed by many as a greater evil, one that must be squashed in order to please God, while at the same time the people preaching this are surely committing sins of their own. It's purely hypocritical and the wrong approach. And intelligent people are well aware of this.

    If one is to say that a person that CHOOSES to embrace their alternative sexual lifestyle in order to find peace with their inner desires (that they HAVE NO CONTROL OVER) is essentially disqualifying themselves from God's kingdom in the afterlife, then YOU MUST apply this same logic to anyone else in this world that embraces something sinful in their life, such as, oh maybe HAVING A PLEASUREABLE
    HETEROSEXUAL SEX LIFE, which I'm sure plenty of Christians are guilty of.

    So basically, my guess is Christians act the way they do because they see it as sort of a last straw. They see the world evolving from one that lives to please God to one that lives to please itself, while often justifying some sort of balance that makes it acceptable and still pleasing to God (like the beer on Saturday, church on Sunday types). So we're essentially left with a big mess of perspectives. Some feel if they good enough life to please God, they are rewarded with a ticket to heaven. Some feel if they've justified some sort of bare minimum effort in their mind, then God will accept that too. Some feel they can do anything and still be fine. And some feel it's just all a bunch of BS that some people made up a long time ago.

    The key is to live your life however you desire. If you feel impulses of a same sex/alternative nature, it's up to you whether to find peace by embracing them and seeking acceptance, or to find peace by fighting them. The right answer is the one that pleases you. But the world certainly needs to stomp this notion that what we are attracted to and desire is a choice. It's not and never will be. How we handle it, however, always will be a choice.

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