The man in the dark

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    Kristin sat at the bar, gently sipping her champagne. Her full, luscious lips caressed the edge of the glass as she gazed around the room. The usual boring crowd were there, two or three guys had already asked to buy here a drink but she had waved them away with a care. Then she saw it. The burning hot glow from the tip of a cigaret, illuminating a face that she had never seen there before. This was the man she was looking for, sat away from the crowd in a dark corner of the bar. She flashed him a look then turned away shyly. The man in the dark sat still as a rock, any other man would have come over to her but not him.
    She slid around so that he could see her bare legs, sinking down to the floor from under her tight red dress. She gently trailed her fingers up from her knees over her thighs, then up and brushed her long auburn hair away from her face and over her ear. Still that man had not moved towards her. This was new to her, she knew that she looked amazing that night. She could have any man in the bar but the one she wanted. There was nothing left to do but go for it, so she called to the bartender and got another glass of champagne. Standing up she walked over to him, making love to every step. Slowly she neared him and yet he only moved his head slightly to see her prowling towards him.
    Standing at the edge of his table, holding a glass in each hand. She looked him in the eye, and gingerly spoke to him. "My name is Kristin, Does my appearance please you master?"
    "I know exactly what your name is and it is not Kristin" he growled back at her. Kirstin's heart sunk in her chest, being so caught up in the night she had forgotten her master rules. " I, I, I'm sorr..." she stuttered as her master cut her short. "Out with it!" he said raising his voice enough so that she would understand he wasn't joking.
    Kristin stood upright, swallowed and said clearly "I am sorry Master, This slave has no name Master. Please forgive my insolence"
    "Forgive you?" he asked. "Forgiveness is for those that have earned it, and you have in no way earned any yet!" He stood up quickly, knocking the drinks out of her hands. Kristin bowed her head, knowing that he would make her pay for that. "I suppose you want forgiveness for that as well don't you slave?" he asked almost yelling at her.
    "No master, it was my fault. I only ask what i can do to make up for my accident?" she whimpered to him.
    "Go and get me another drink, you stupid girl. While I think about what to do with you!" he said sitting back down again. Kristin slunk away back to the bar and returned as quickly as she could. The last thing she needed know was to keep her master waiting. Placing the drink on the table in front of him she stood silently awaiting his command. The wait was unbearable, it seamed to last for hours. Her feet were aching in the painfully high heels her master had ordered her to wear.
    When he spoke he said the words that she knew were coming but longed not to hear. "You have disappointed me tonight! I thought your training was going well and I reward you with a nice night out. But I see we still have a lot of work to do. On your knees!" Kristin did exactly what her master said, she didn't want to push him any further. He stood up and walked behind her, bringing out her leather collar as he did. She only caught a glimpse of it but she knew, and raised her chin slightly for him. The cold metal studs on the collar stung against her skin, awakening her senses. As he fastened the buckle at the back of it and clipped on her chain she suddenly noticed all the people in the room. Never before had she been seen like this in public, her face flushed red from embarrassment. "Now stand up, hands behind your back and walk home" he whispered to her.
    She did as he commanded, walking through the bar she felt peoples eyes land on her. She bowed her head to try and hide away but without the use of her hand it was futile. Each time she got to far ahead, her master pulled back on the chain making her stumble and prolonging the punishment. Finally she got to the door and went out to start the long walk home. She couldn't think clearly, all that was in her mind was that this is just the beginning for her tonight.

    End of part one
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    here's my first try at a fiction story, any tips or advise would be a great help
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    Could use some formating but great story

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