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    Hello again, my second story on here.

    I occasionally roleplay with my pet over MSN/IRC, which is where this story had it's birth, though this is my reinterpretation of that roleplay, not what was originally said. Further, this story is indeed a nightmare, and my pet (the victim) "awakes" after the events in this story, but I am yet to perfect the "awakening" so currently it is not included; it may be added in the future.


    P.S. Other story:


    The girl awoke to a bitter cold and a horrid stench. She couldn’t see much when she opened her eyes, as the room was lit only by a slight trickle of light from what seemed to be bars on the top of a door, but the pervading sense of unfamiliarity immediately slipped her into a state of fear.

    Sitting up, she became aware of her nudity. She felt desperately around her neck for her collar, but it wasn’t there; a tear crawled down the girl’s cheek, and she began to wildly feel around the room, hoping desperately to find her source of comfort and belonging. She did not; instead, the girl learnt the room was empty apart from a screwed down table, long enough for her to lie on.

    The sound of the door being unlocked and opened caused her to abruptly leap into the corner of the room, shivering in fear as to who might enter. Intoxicated by fear, everything became blurry; she could just distinguish what appeared to be a tall male walking towards her with a candle.

    “Up.” He said, in a low voice. The girl didn’t get up, finding herself incapable of responding to the simple instruction and too scared to ask who he was or why she was here.

    “I said up! You vile piece of dirt!” he shouted angrily, slapping the girl across the cheeks as he did so. Fearing another swipe, the girl pulled herself back into control and stood up, avoiding eye contact with the stranger.

    “Stupid vile piece of dirt will do as it’s told, is that understood?” he said, softening his voice, whilst maintaining a crisp tone of malice.

    “N-n-no, where’s my Master? I want my Master! Oh please give me my Master!” the girl pleaded, receiving a second swipe instead of the sympathy she was praying for. Falling to the ground, tears streamed from the girl’s eyes, provoking a dark smile across the man’s face.

    “I’m your master now. You won’t see your old master ever again.” He laughed, dripping wax from his candle onto her back as he did so. She squealed in pain, which earned her a sharp kick from her assailant, after which she resigned herself to quiet sobbing. “Dirt shall learn to take what she’s given and be grateful.”

    “Master…I want Master…”

    “SHUT UP! YOU STUPID PIECE OF DIRT! SCUM! SLUT!” the man screamed, suddenly grabbing the girl by her hair and dragging her across the floor until she was in front of the table she’d found earlier. “I’ll teach you how to behave, dirt!” he said, putting the candle on the floor before picking the girl up and placing her on the table, forcefully strapping each of her limbs down with leather straps that had been tucked underneath the table, as the girl struggled all the way through, clawing, biting and screaming at her captor, continuing to struggle to no avail after she’d been tied down.

    Spitting on her face, he bent to pick up the candle and left the room. Once alone, reality soon sank in and she ceased to struggle against the straps. She felt a fear she hadn’t felt in a long while; her master had done far worse than this, but she wasn’t with him. She was alone, unprotected, unsafe; she didn’t know the man who had strapped her to this table, who saw her as a slut, scum, a piece of fuck meat, dirt, and who was surely about to abuse her further…

    After a short while he returned to the room, candle in one hand and what seemed to be a trolley filled with various tools in the other. He placed the candle on the trolley, and picked up a large boxlike object from the bottom, which he placed between the girl’s widely opened legs. Strapping the box to each of her legs, the girl felt something hard pushing through the walls of her most sensitive region. He continued pushing, roughly, as the girl squealed in pain and humiliation, until he’d pushed it as far as it would go. The girl heard a switch flick, and then it started; the rough hard fast pumping into her. It hurt, and she moaned with pain as her heart moaned with shame.

    He stood watching and laughing at her; filled with satisfaction whilst his machine pummelled at the girl. Every moan made him inhale deeply, every squeal he squeezed his hand into a fist, every second his arousal grew; though it was already fully erect, his arousal was of such intensity that he felt his cock was getting bigger every moment.

    Suddenly, he pummelled his fist into her breast; delighted with her squeal and her pleading for him to stop, he struck again, and again, and again. Her pitiful crying resumed, her tears joining the company of sweat and cum. Reaching for the trolley, his hands gripped a flogger; though the girl only realised this when she first felt it striking against her breasts. He was ruthless in his assault, cutting deep into her breasts as she writhed with pain.

    It felt like hours before he was finally satisfied with the breast flogging. Panting slightly, he returned the flogger to its place on the trolley, and pulled out what seemed to be a small box. After a short period, where the girl was mostly concerned with the burning sting on her breasts and the mechanical thumping into her cunt, she felt a sharp pain on one of her nipples as he attached a clamp, which was soon followed by the same sharp pain on the other nipple. As he added weights, it felt more and more as if she was being bitten into; as if her nipples would be cut and pulled off of her. He tugged on both, she screamed, he laughed and began slowing pouring the hot wax from the candle that had been burning away onto her chest.

    Too tired to scream or pursue her futile attempts to escape, she sunk into herself and her tears. She felt like a lifeless piece of meat as he attached dozens more clamps and pegs, and felt utterly helpless as he started slowly inserting needle upon needle into her wrecked body, twisting them as he cruelly pushed them deeper as if to savour every last moment of agony, the fuck machine still thrusting, her breasts still stinging, wax still burning...

    Drifting from reality, dazed and oblivious to the world, she felt the trickle on her face just before she tasted her tormentors urine, and it was then, when her humiliation and degradation was complete, that she felt the machine being turned off, the torture tools be detached and her harnesses undone. She made no effort of escape, hopeless and helpless her tormentor grabbed her hair and pulled her to his erect cock, she heard an echo of him ordering her to suck it, but was too weak to obey, which angered him fast so he threw the girl to the floor, her heading hitting the ground hard. Everything went black for the girl, as a red pool of blood formed around her head…
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    I might as well clarify here, for you to find, that I do enjoy that this is genuinely supposed to be torturous, and not a rape fantasy, even if some readers find it... titillating. I don't mind if they do, and Tall and I do rape-play ourselves. It was more of an 'I should not be reading this' thing.

    I don't know if that clarified, but now you have a comment on this thread. Yay you.
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    Hehe, I do consider your position clarified.

    Yay me xd.

    EDIT: Enjoy "Forgiven"? Hehe.
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    nice story, thanks

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