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    It was a long twelve hour day, and I had finally arrived home. Fortunately, Master and I had discussed our plans for the evening ahead of time. Since we both had a day off the following day, and twelve working hours is tough on anyone, we had agreed to go to bed straight away upon me getting home and showering. I was relieved although, somewhat forlorned. I for some reason was horny, oh well; I guess I will stick to what we agreed upon.

    I walked to the front door and I let myself in, only to find the foyer in complete darkness. Odd, Master usually waits up for me, before he goes to bed. I figured he was really tired, so I continued into the house, navigating through the darkness to the shower in the basement. Because I was going to have double the demands for tomorrow, I decided a shower would be a good thing. I also was not sure what extras to expect, as the next day was my birthday. I was really excited.

    Once in the shower, and the water running, I thought that even though Master was asleep, I would give him a special wake up call, just to let him know I was home. Then we could go to sleep. While I was washing my tits with the soap, I was thinking of the method I had wanted to use to awaken him, as I didn’t want to wake him to the point he couldn’t fall back to sleep.

    With the bar of soap in hand I started to hum softly, washing in between my legs, as I knew Master would want me to be extra clean for tomorrow, cleanliness was one of his fetishes. I continued to think, and I decided that I would wake him up with a puppy-like kiss on the cheek. I figured that would arouse him just for what I needed.

    I then washed my long curly auburn hair, thinking about how it would drive Master crazy. I loved seeing his somewhat lean body move in ways most would think impossible. Also with his short dark hair with two strips of blonde both going from the front of his head, to the back of his head, leaving a dark strip on both sides, and one in the middle, was making me hornier than I already was.

    After concluding on that thought, I quickly ended my shower as I was clean enough for Master, and I rapidly, but expertly, manoeuvred my towel around making me as dry, and clean, as a whistle. Before going to our room, I dressed in a white frilly school shirt, and a short black, pleated school approved skirt. I frolicked up the stairs and down the hall, skipping like a grade school girl. Remembering the uniform was not complete without my hair in pigtails, I checked y pockets, and fixed my hair before entering into our bedroom.

    Upon entering the room, I thought something smelled strange, and I forced myself to stop myself from doing as I planned, and I turned on the light and to my horror, the bed was covered in blood, and my Master. In a state of shock, I walked over to the bed, and felt Master for a pulse..., finding that he was DEAD! After screaming a blood curdling scream, and regaining my composure, I looked around the room for any clues as to who might have done this. After twenty minutes I found my clue. I knew exactly who it was....

    I vowed that if I ever saw Michelle I would never let him live this down. He had better pray that the police found him before I did. I called the police, told them what I had seen, and who I suspected to be the killer. When they asked what my clue was, I said to him, it is not every day you find a personalized purse lying around. They said they would see if they could apprehend her.

    Deep down I was hoping they wouldn’t. I wanted her first.

    (To Be Continued)

    The next morning I had a rude awakening. I fell off the couch, since I slept downstairs, and strangely enough, I slept quite well, considering all that happened. Still in my schoolgirl getup, I meaninglessly wandered the main floor of the house, and found a set of car keys. I thought for a moment, pocketed the keys in my skirt, and found a short tight denim jacket.I left the house as the police arrived to scour the house for more evidence to prove that Michelle was the one that killed my Master.

    I absentmindedly travelled to the center of the city. I guess my mind was set on trying to find Michelle. If she was on a day off, she would walk all over that area trying to find people that would allow themselves to be dominated by her, as she wasn’t shy about her wants and desires. A short while later, I saw her from a distance. She was walking towards me, so I parked my car around the corner of the building before she saw me. She knew I didn’t have my license as it was currently revokedm for driving nude, at the order of Master.

    I got out of the car, started to cry, as I realized that I was coming face to face with the killer of Master. I walked around the corner and literally ran into Michelle. She was moving faster than I initially thought. Through short soft sobbing I asked if she was all right, and helped her off the ground, before making my way back to my car.

    “What is wrong, sweetie?” she asked coming up behind me.

    “Julian is dead!” I screamed at her through my ever flowing tears. The serious look she had, showed a temporary look of fear.

    “Who would do something like that?” she asked in bewilderment.

    “I-i-i-i-i-i Don’t know..., I don’t think he had any enemies,” I sobbed. “Although the police have found a handbag in the house, and they think it may lead to the killer,” As I spoke those words, her jaw dropped.

    “Please come to my appartment, I am sure we can make you feel better,” She responded, and I nodded trying to swallow some of the tears back.

    On the inside I began to grin, still crying on the outside so she wouldn’t be any wiser. I handed her the keys to my car, and hopped into the passenger seat. After a few minutes, and telling her I drove because for an unknown reason, we had arrived at her apartment. I had told her the police wanted me to live in an apartment or hotel for a few days, they would be paying the bill, and since I wanted to freshen up a bit, I had asked her if it was all right to grab my makeup bag from the trunk. She said it was fine, and then we went inside. I saw the huge grin she had on her face, and I knew she figured she had me where she wanted me. She was always jealous that I chose Julian over her. But I had my own agenda to answer to.

    I knew that I would never serve under her by choice. When Master punished me, I would be forced to serve her, and it was horrible. I also kept in mind that being punished in that way, I knew where she kept her ‘toys’ and I proceeded to head into the bathroom upon entry.

    I reached inside my pouch and pulled out two items, an empty ammunition box, and an empty gun. Before leaving the bathroom I confidently held the gun and I opened the door. I trained the gun on her as she turned to face me. When I knew she could see, I dropped the empty munitions box.

    “What are you doing?” she asked in a horrified tone of voice.

    “If you don’t want to get hurt, or fatally wounded...,” I started “Turn around, and close your mouth!”

    She did as she was told, and never uttered a sound. It appeared my gun trick worked. I took a pair of handcuffs I kept near me, for Master’s sake, and used them to cuff her hands behind her. I then bent down and did the same with her ankles, making it impossible for her to run away. I pushed her, and watched her fall to the floor, landing hard on her face. I looked forward to what my Demented submissive mind would come up with to do to her.

    (Continued-If I get a good enough response from all who post.)
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    “Ow!” she screamed. “What the hell are you doing?

    “Getting my revenge, you wench! Nobody hurts any of my friends and will tell the tales without my intervention,” I scolded her harshly. “From this point onward, you are MY slave.”

    I was so angry that I stormed into the other room to cool off, and to grab her box of ‘toys’. After scouring the box, noticing some new toys and old ones, I had noticed a few that would humiliate a master to a new level.

    I returned noticing that she somehow managed to get to her feet. After slapping her face, and pushing her back to the floor, I told her she was a bad slut, and to stay put unless told. The look in her eyes made me know she was not liking this treatment at all. I stripped her, making sure she couldn’t strike back while I was preoccupied, and proceeded to tie her elbows together and secure them to her back so she was unable to lift her arms. With many lengths of rope, and some time I managed to tie her knees together, her feet to her hands, and wrapping rope around her body making the ropes pinch her breasts tightly. I did manage to make the ropes as tight as possible without having them too tight.

    Even though I wanted to make her even more uncomfortable, I decided that could wait as I wanted to try something before doing so. I grabbed the cat o’nine tails from the mess of stuff I hauled out, and I knew she would hate this, as she mad it specially made for me. On the tips of the flogger were little metal aglets. (If you are wondering an aglet is a small metal tip for shoelaces) I hated being forced to serve under her as a punishment as those little aglets hurt. I would bleed with how hard she hit me.

    Just like she would do, I began pelting her with the flogger, ignoring the cries for help and mercy. After a half an hour passed, I grew bored. I was unsure how she would be able to stand doing it for the hour and a half she always put me through. I finally acknowledged her screams, and stopped the treatment.

    “Well Bitch? How do you like it? I have only used it a third of the length you use it on me. Not fun is it?” I asked calmly adding this before she could reply. “How does it feel, now the tables are turned?”

    She badmouthed me in words I dare not repeat, and as I let it rain on her again I called her a wench, before tossing the flogger to the side.

    “You know the only reason I became a sub was for Master. My emotions for him were greater than my desires. Before I met him, I dominated all that came near me,” I started sayingto her as I grabbed more toys. “There were two people have never tried to break. The first being Master. The other one was you, for two obvious reasons. First reason is Master handed me to you, for punishments. The second is because I was bound when he gave me to you, so I was unable to lash out anyway. Julian knew that if I was turned over to you, without the bindings, I would dominate you.”
    I took a butt plug that was always used on me, and even though I never let on, I loved the feel of it, electriciy and size, however I knew that it would make her hate me, so I shoved it into her pussy, as she had begun to giggle. This action made the giggling stop. I then took a plug about 2 inches in diameter, and shoved it into her ass. The next thing she heard wa a lock clicking into place.

    I grabbed the roll of duct tape that she used on me prior to this day, and I used it to make sure the the first plug would stay in place.

    “You bitch, that is going to hurt when you pull it off my pussy!” she yelled, as I taped her up.

    “Must you be a weak little whore?” I answered. “You always did it to me, and not once did I ever complain about it, even before Master required me to be clean shaven.”

    I then pressed a button making the electrical one electrocute, and the locking one vibrate.

    “Guess what sweetheart? What is now left out of the regular stuff?”

    “NO! Not that! NOT THAT!” she screamed.

    “Yes, that, the one thing you knew I hated from the beginning.”

    (To Be Continued)

    She feared what I had hated most in all of the sessions I had with her. The gag I nicked the spikeball. It was a dully spiked rubber ball that allowed ventilation, however the spikes were as hard of rubber as the rest of the ball. Those spikes dug into the roof and floor of the mouth as well as the tongue. The drool from that style of gag ws worse than a whiffle ball.

    The muzzle, aglet tipped floggers, ropes,canes and even the metal restraints, were nothing I cared about, so long as I didn’t have to worry about that gag. I did, however, endure all the beatings and techniques she gave me, although I knew the shoe was finally on the other foot, it was MY turn now. I also knew that she was fearing the gag, if I had to harbor a guess, would say her fear is from all those times seeing my hatred towards it.

    After I applied the gag, and seeing the pain from her face, I took some more ropes and strung her along the ceiling, tying her up in a suspended state of affairs. She knew what was coming next, and she began groaning about the pain. After slapping her a bit more, and telling her not to complain, I took a few alligator clamps and clamped the first two to her nipples. The ther clamp was for a place not many can allow intrusion. He belly button was an outie, so I clamped it there as well. She screamed as well as she could, and ended up hurting her mouth more than the clamp caused her pain. She struggled and moaned in pain, and even though she did a fair amount of writhing, I could see that she was becoming wet, even with the plugs inserted in her.

    “Bitch, I never gave you permission to become wet, did I?” I asked her as I used the flogger on her once again. “DID I?” I noticed her swing her head in a no like fashion, so the belting stopped.

    “Next time you must await permission before cumming like that again. I will be able to tell if you soiled yourelf for a second time, even without the removal of your plugs,” I advised with a sly grin. I am glad I had used multiple lengths of rope, as during her struggles, she actually managed to snap the ropes around her elbows.the best part of the snapping ropes was that was one of the spots suspending her to the ceiling, and because of that she smashed her face into the floor again, causing her nose to bleed, as I went to grab proper bindings.

    I grabbed a metal device and placed it in between her elbows, and I tightend a pair of straps around her elbows causing her arms into the shap of a diamond. I loved that spreader bar. I repeated the process at her knees. She was feeling the restraints tighten as I locked them into a tighter situation. I ignored the garbled scream she let out.

    “Please tell me you haven’t forgotten about this torment you have given me at a previous time..., now if I recall correctly, that would have been the first time I was given to you. Of course I have added a few things that you didn’t have before such as the spiked ball, and the outtie belly button.” She wimpered and nodded as I continued speaking. “Good, now do you remember how I took the punishment? And every punishment since then, even with the spikeball?” She shook her head which I responded that I would show her, since she had taped everyone of our sessions.

    I rummaged through the cupboard drawers in search of the tapes and I found tape #1. It was completely rewound so I had to think a bit. I forwarded about an hour to where I figured the real fun was beginning, the bondage.

    “Notice that I only uttered a sound when you asked me to, or the odd time you whipped me marder than I was used to. I have seen nothing but complaints since we started this session,” I scolded her, as she whimpered more. “I don’t care that you have never been in the submissive location before. You were especially brutal to me during that first session, and I never uttered a sound. Master never touched me as hard as you did. Please think more before you act out in this session any forther. You kno the only reasons I ever put up with your harsh punishments was because of Master, well he is dead, and you will never have me as a sub again. If you even try to put mein that place, I WILL overpower you, and you will be repeating this session with differences happening.”

    She cried, complained, and struggled as I spoke. I knew that she was going to be a difficult case, and I knew I had to break her before I let her go. Even if it took a week to do so. I slaped her up some more, and I told her that if she calmed down I would give her a reward before the night was through, but if she continued to complain, she would be left in that position all night.

    (To Be Continued)
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    Saw 6: Prissy's Bad Day.
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    Not sure about the last two paragraphs, but I quite enjoyed the rest.
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    Morning came very quickly, or at least it did for me. As far as Michelle goes, does it really matter? Anyway, I made my way into the kitchen, without her knowledge, and I made some breakfast. Bacon and eggs really isn’t my favourite dish, but I must say it was appetizing. I made a bowl of porridge, and I took it into the living room. I set the bowl down on the coffee table, and I approached Michelle, who had a pool of drool on the floor, because of the gag she was wearing. I adjusted the straps on her bindings, making is so she was still hanging, yet she was staring at the ceiling. I removed the gag.

    “How fucking long are YOU going to keep ME like this?” She yelled adding extra emphasis making it known she wasn’t happy. “I NEED to use the washroom!”

    “Too bad. If you had calmed down last night as I asked you to do, you wouldn’t still be like this. I was going to release you,” I calmly stated. “Also if you continue to swear, backtalk, and name call, you will not get any breakfast, lunch, or supper. You will also remain bound until tomorrow.”

    She didn’t say a word, so I grabbed the bowl of porridge, and I carefully straddled her body, so I didn’t place any weight on her supports, as I was unsure if they would be able to hold us both. I also didn’t want to hurt her too much. She saw the bowl, and quickly calmed down. As I fed her, I remember Master purchasing some new toys, which I brought with me. I had seen the videos that gave master his ideas. After I had finished feeding her, I placed a large dish under her, and told her to go to the washroom while I was gone, and that I would be a few moments.

    I returned, to a horrible stench. When I smelled it, I told her she put Master to shame. She grinned. I removed the dish and slowly let her down to the floor. I left her rams and legs tied up, but completely untied all else. I then rolled her onto her back.

    “That is uncomfortable, you know,” She stated.

    “You are an ungrateful little brat!” I responded harshly, slapping her in the face. You have been released, mostly, and all you can yell at me is; that is uncomfortable, you know? Sheesh.”

    I grabbed many metal brackets, of various sizes, all somewhat rectangular in shape, and a power tool. I used the tool, after making sure her arms were out of the way, to bolt one of those brackets around her waist, tight enough so she couldn’t escape while I finished up, but loose enough for her to be unhurt. I hated that voluptuous body, until now, as it made it easy to restrain her. By the time I was done, she was in a spread eagle position, with her hands, elbows, waist, breasts, knees, and ankles all bound to the floor by these brackets. I then locked a blindfold in place, and for added measure, restricting movement to her head I added one more metal bracket, which acted as a metal bit gag, to hold her head in place. I plugged her up again, since I had removed the plugs earlier, so she could relieve herself, with the same plugs as before.

    I tickled various places on her body, such as her feet, armpits, and her pussy, to make her wiggle a bit before standing up, and staring over that beautiful vulnerable frame. I loved the looks of her in that position, and I myself became a bit wet. I almost immediately grabbed a lighter, and two wax candles.

    (To Be Continued)

    Taking turns between looking at the candles, and her vulnerable body, I decided to, eventually, toss the candles aside. Tipping the lighter to the side, enough for the flame to heat the metal, but not enough to singe my knuckles, I lit the lighter. After only a few seconds, \i let the flame go out, and I pressed the heated metal into her breasts.

    This actiion caused her to jump thus causing the metal restaints to slightly scrape her arms and legs. I, however, was not in the mood to allow her time to rest, so I placed the alligator clamps, back on her squished nipples, and her outtie belly button. To make matters worse for her, I added two clips, one to each side of her pussy, while checking the plugs.

    “Bad, Slave!” I shouted, making her cringe. “Once again you have defied me, by becoming wet without permission.”

    I wrapped my hand around the lighter once again, heating the metal even more. I was really wanting her to remember this time, so I placed the lighter onto her pussy, creating a burn that I was sure would last for a week. I quickly grabbed a machine from the nearby closet, and I set it up and removed the plug in her but, then turning the machine on to pump her while I continued to places burns all over her body, of course where nobody could see them. What was only an hour seemingly to me was a short time, and probably to her seemed like an eternity. I decided it was time to let her go, so I unhooked the machine, and replaced it back into the closet. I returned to her side, once again looking at her vulnerable form, wondering if I should stop our session, when all of a sudden I could hear my cell phone begin to ring.

    “Hello,” I answered after going into a different room.

    “Jenn this may come as a shock to you, but your husbands killer is not the lady you believed it to be,” Came a cold voice on the other end of the phone.

    “Umm, I am almost afraid to ask, but who was it that killed him then?”

    “The murderer was none other than Charlene Miller.”

    “M-m-m-my M-m-m-m-mom? B-b-b-but why?” I stuttered in shock.

    “We called her to see if she had seen you, and she told us she killed him, because that night he had violated her in an unforgiving way.”

    “Really? What was that way?”

    “What are the chances I can return home tonight? There is something I need to do.”

    “You can return home anytime you wish, Miss.”

    “Thanks, bye!” I hung up before they could tell me more. I would hear it all tomorrow at the station anyway, when I would go see them lock my mother away, more than likely until the day she died. I would miss her, but I know that she was always after him for that, so her killing him, was not a forgivable act.

    Walking back into the room with my captive, I wondered if I knew she wasn’t at fault all along. I am sure I knew, I wanted revenge on her for being able to treat me that way, just because of Master. I will never be able to live with the guilt. I used her as a way to relieve my stress, when the stress wasn’t even her fault. I then looked down to my slave.

    “You have been a very naughty little slave!” I said with a harsh tone in my voice. I reached down, and slwly unbolted the bracket in her mouth. “I am, however, very proud of you, as during the burning you seemed to be very calm. It was as if you enjoyed the burning.”

    “Mistress Jenn,” She began. Tears formed in my eyes. “Will you continue to be my mistress?”

    “You meant that?” I asked the tears flowing from the compliment she gave me, although I was still in disbelief.

    “Yes, Mistress, I will never see you as a submissive again.After being placed through some of my own tactical methods, I am surprised you were able to survive many of my methods. I do not know who Julian’s killer is, but I can assure you, if you remain as my mistress, It will be very benificial to both of us. I am not sure if you knew this, but I had always knew of your being a dominatrix before you became Julians slave, that part you knew, however, I secretly had wanted you to be my Mistress since I had found out. It hurt me to be your master, when Julian passed you to me for punishments. I am sure you never knew that part of my beliefs,” She stated in one long, drawn out breath, as I released her elbows, and her knees from the brackets.

    “While it may be good for you, you must remember that I will always miss my husband, Julian. I am glad that you do realize that 90% of what you were subjected to, was something you had done to me,” I stated calmly, the tears being all but dried up.

    “While it is true, that you used my techniques, I would say you improved on them. I totally loved the feeling of the clamp on my belly button, and as you had said earlier, I loved being burned. I hope the burn on my pussy lasts for a long, long time. I do have one question for you, preferably before we are completely done. Could you burn a heart shaped Lighter burn into my skin around my belly button?” She answered my question, and stunned me with a question of her own.

    “Umm, our session today is over, I am sorry to admit, however during our next session, I will be sure to do so. But I must be going, so I will see you again another day!” I got up, and started walking towards the door.

    “Hey! You haven’t finished untying me! Let me go!” She giggled.

    I turned, laughed, and I finished releasing her from the brackets. I gave her a hug, asked her if she was all right, and after getting a positive remark, I headed for home.

    THE END!
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    mmm very intense!!
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    It's starting to take some sort of shape now :)
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    So you do like it then? Yay! I will try to write more tonight.
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    go for it prissy
    i really wanna know what happens next. :)
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    Flingress, I have part three written, but last night I was too tired to type it. I hope I get more written tonight, and part 3 typed after work.
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    Unfortunately, Master forbids me from posting more of th story tonight, sorry.
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    Just so you all know, Prissy has to be at work early tomorrow, and she is working late tonight, so she may not have time to type up part 3. She enjoyed what I did to her last night, so you may hear a bit about that later.
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    *blushes* He did do something I enjoyed. Although it was a bit strange and now I need to find a new, stronger one. Master had found an old bedsheet that you would wrap around a mattress. Once that was done, you would zip it up. Well, he zipped me inside of it, and made it impossible for me to get out, since the zipper was on the outside.

    I didn't break the sheet, but when he went to undo me, he broke the zipper. While I was inside, he would attack my ticklish areas. and since I couldn't see, it turned me on. I wonder if he will still be able to do something with it, even without the zipper..., such as tying the ends of the shet together....
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    Those sheets aren't uncommon, you could probably buy a new one if you wanted.

    As for the story, keep it coming! Don't speed up the rate of storytelling though, the current pacing is excellent.

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