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    This is my first story of this nature, so please comment constructively on it to help me in the future.

    Training by A.I. Smut

    Emily sat in the living room dressed in nothing but her black silky underwear, awaiting her new master's return. She was an attractive 18 year old girl, with blonde curly hair.

    It was the first time she had tried the full 24/7 BDSM thing, and she still had slight doubts.

    Still, she thought, it's too late now. Indeed, she was already at the mercy of James, and there was nothing she could do about it. She is his to use forever.

    All her thoughts stopped once she heard the door open, followed by the sound of her powerful master's pounding feet. He immediately came into the living room, looking pleased to see his slave just as he had left her.

    What Emily haden't expected, however, was the arrival of Kirsty, a 22 year old brunette girl.

    Unknown to Emily, Kirsty was another of James' slaves, one far more trained and experienced.

    As Kirsty had just been outside with her master, she had been allowed the privilage of wearing clothes - nothing too covering, mind - but was now already removing the miniskirt and tube top to reveal her red thong and absence of a bra. Master observed this act with great pleasure, and while ensuring Emily could observe perfectly, he rewarded Kirsty with a deep kiss.

    "What are you doing?", screamed a shocked Emily, "I thought I was your girl?"

    Scoffing, James simply shooshed Emily with a quick hand motion and continued with Kirsty.

    Becoming jealous and angry - clearly under the delousion that she and James had an exclusive relationship - Emily got up and walked towards the couple.

    Seeing this, her master immediately pushed Kirsty away, turned towards Emily and slapped her accross the face, all at lightening speed. Once she was crying, Emily recieved a slap to the other side of her face.

    "If you're jealous of me and Kirsty," demanded James, "you can have a go with her."

    With that, Emily was pushed towards Kirsty, who began kissing her lighty on the neck.

    "Stop it, please, I don't even like other girls" pleaded Emily to anyone who would listen.

    "Consider it part of your punishment, but also training; you will learn to like what I tell you to," said the master of the pair, before beginning to rub Emily's pussy though her black silky knickers as Kirsty kissed her passionately.

    "Ohh, I do like this one, she's cute. Funny, too." remarked Kirsty, before removing the other slave's bra, much against her will.

    "I'm taking over here now, you unappreciative little whore," the master said forcefully to Emily, as he pulled her away from Kirsty and made her kneel in front of him. He then undid his trousers, taking out his penis, shoving it in the mouth of the disobediant slave.

    Kissing Kirsty while caressing her breasts as Emily did her dirty work, he then removed her red thong and began to increase her pleasure by fingering her, with Emily having no choice but to watch the whole thing in silence - hardly surprising since the master was gripping her hair, forcing her to deepthroat him.

    "Here's your problem," Master began explaining to Emily, "you're not obediant or submissive at all - you're a useless slave if you're going to keep acting this way."

    Emily tried to fight it, but she was getting extremely wet from this experience. She wanted to hate James right now, but she just couldn't. She craved him, she needed him, she knew she would be nothing without him.

    Suddenly, the Master threw Emily away from him, pushed Kirsty to her knees, and came all over her face and tits. She didn't wipe it off, or even lick it off - she left it there, for she knew that pleased her master.

    Emily, feeling completely humiliated, just sat on the floor crying.

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    Your only flaw is writing that little...I was just getting into it.
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    Thank you. It didn't get much attention so I was thinking no one liked it. I will continue the story and post more when done!
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    Here's part 2. Part 3 is already being written. Tell me what you think everyone!

    Training by A.I. Smut
    ***Part 2***

    That night, Kirsty and James slept in the Master's double bed. Though it was a double, it was still a rather small bed, leaving little choice but to be close to the person you share it with - or push them off, rolling onto the floor, of course.

    Clothing was strictly forbidden in the household at all times, and the night was no exception. In fact, while underwear was allowed during the day when James was feeling particularly kind, nothing at all was allowed at night, mainly to ensure nothing was in the way of James getting exactly what he wanted from his sluts. And that night, there were indeed a lot of sluts. Three more had been invited around besides Kirsty, and they had finished serving their Master, who was now sleeping.

    Emily was resigned to the sofa - she was no longer needed for the time being. She had never tried to sleep naked before, and she was having a hard time doing so, especially since it hadn't exactly been a quiet night, she had to try hard to stop herself from crying, and she hadn't been given anything in the way of a blanket at all.

    Suddenly, she heard footsteps. Not the heavy footsteps of her Master, but lighter footsteps, footsteps of females. She then heard giggles as the group of girls turned the light on and came over to where she was trying and failing to fall asleep. Four girls - all naked, of course - now stood above her laying body.

    "I see the newest slut is still awake", stated Kirsty

    "Maybe she's still too turned on to sleep", suggested a brunette girl in glasses who Emily had not met before.

    Emily, now beginning to feel more awake thanks to the light and the talking, began to rub her eyes and sit up on the sofa.

    "Who are you?" asked the curious slave, in a sobby voice which made it clear she was still retraining herself from bursting into more tears.

    "I'm sure you remember me" answered Kirsty with a wink. Emily had just realised that Kirsty still had their Master's cum on her face, though it had now dried up to form a sticky layer.

    The other three girls introduced themselves as Lucy, Amy, and Beth.

    Beth was the brunette in glasses, she looked like a typical librarian or teacher type, but a little cuter; a little easier to control.

    Amy was a simple looking girl with black hair and average, slightly chubby, looking body.

    Lucy was a redhead with noticeably large boobs that even caused Emily to suspect she had implants put in.

    "I hear your first day was fun, then" said Beth

    Emily was very nervous, so much so she was almost shaking. She could barely let out an "I... Umm..." from her red blushing face, then she lost her restraint and began crying again.

    Before Emily had a chance to gather her thoughts, Beth sat on her lap facing her and wrapped her legs around her waist before licking all the tears off her cheeks then kissing her. She then began to play with Emily's boobs while doing so, ignoring her sobs.

    "Ohh, but she doesn't like other girls" chanted Kirsty mockingly

    The other slaves just laughed as Beth kept taking advantage of the vulnerable girl; she was now sucking her tits while fingering her pussy. Emily was far too drained to bother resisting.

    "She must like it," explained Beth, "she's not even trying to stop me, and feel how wet she is!"

    The other girls needed no further invitation. Beth slid out the way, pulled open Emily's legs, and joined in as all the girls fingered Emily at once.

    "You clearly do like girls, no use denying it" stated Lucy matter-of-factly, while taking her now wet finger out of Emily's pussy and forcing it into her mouth, as if to prove her point.

    "Suck your juice all off my fingers now, you disobedient slut" ordered Lucy, as she used her free hand to slap Emily's face and, when they weren't being used, her tits. Once Emily had sucked it all off as hard as she could, Lucy simply asked, "Now how did that taste? Did you like it?"

    Emily couldn't answer. she was properly crying by this point, and found it almost impossible to even get her mouth into the right shape for words.

    Just at that moment, all the girls stopped. They could hear the footsteps of their Master.

    James just stood there watching for a few seconds, before moving to a position standing dominantly at the front of the sofa Emily was sitting on and stating forcefully, "Lucy asked you a question, Emily. It's rude not to answer." He waited again, but Emily was still too busy crying to answer her master. She didn't even notice him picking up a camera.

    Amy, though she had not spoken throughout the event, walked up close to her Master and whispered something in his ear as he turned the camera on. He nodded as he pointed the camera at the sofa and hit record. Amy then climbed onto the sofa and curled up next to Emily, gently running her hands around her body and kissing her wet cheeks.

    Suddenly, the gentle part was over as Amy quickly wrapped her hand around Emily's cute neck and began squeezing.

    "Now, touch yourself. Do it or Amy here will get tougher on your throat." demanded the Master while pointing at the camera, making sure Emily was fully aware of just how humiliated she was.

    Emily, already very aroused by all these events - though she had yet to fully come to terms with it - felt Amy's hand already begin to tighten and decided it best to follow her Master's orders. So, she slowly brought her shaking hand down to her pussy and began to rub, her conscious mind shocked at how wet it was.

    After watching this for about 10 minutes, by which time Emily's face had turned red thanks to Amy, the Master finally repeated Lucy's question.

    "Yes" came the faint squealing voice of the slave

    "What was that?"

    "Yes!" she screamed loudly, while almost having to gasp for air

    The Master then signalled for Amy to stop, at which point she got up, kissed her Master deeply, and whispered a thank you in his ear.

    The Master turned off the camera and went back to his room, followed by Lucy, Amy, and Beth, leaving Emily once again alone.
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    hehe i like it in that cruel sadist kind of way
    tbh not sure what emily is doing there lol
    2's company 3's a crowd 4's an orgy :D
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    I liked it. it keeps me interested all the way through...
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    part three????? but so far very good, quite enjoyed what you've got so far

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