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Discussion in 'Stories' started by Knots, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Hiii all. New here, wrote this story just now so thought I'd share it. It's slightly soft, but a M/s story is a M/s story.


    The girl timidly knocked at her master’s door. It had been a month since she had returned to the flat she used to live in, and throughout this month a hot, desperate need for her master had continuously burnt in her heart; the feeling of missing him plaguing her thoughts from the moment she awoke to the moment she slept. She hadn’t contacted him prior to this visit, and was worried about how he might react; would he shut the door in her face? Would he give her a warm affectionate cuddle like how he used to when she was a good girl? Would she face his wrath like she never had before?

    It wasn’t long before the door abruptly opened to reveal her master. He was about one inch taller than her and dressed plainly in a black t-shirt and jeans. Holding a heavy book in his right hand, shock coloured his pale face as he stared into the muddy brown eyes of his pet. She averted her mud brown balls, instead preferring to stare at her master’s feet, as fear and shame rippled through her body.

    Time stood still.

    “Hello,” he breathed, pausing after he’d broken through the enchanting silence which had settled upon the two, “you had better come in.”

    The girl meekly walked in after he retreated into the house. She closed the door before falling onto her hands and knees as she had been taught to do whilst in the flat, she crawled after her master who had gone straight down the hallway into the flat’s large sitting room, sitting on the sofa which was housed in the centre of the room. He had placed his book on a small coffee table to his left.

    She bowed to the ground, her forehead touching the cream coloured carpet as she stuck her arse into the air. “I’m so sorry, Master.”

    “What for, pet?”

    “Everything; I’m sorry I didn’t tell you what I was feeling, I’m sorry I kept complaining and being horrible over small insignificant things, I’m sorry I was never satisfied, I’m sorry I kept having moodswings, I’m sorry I was reluctant to submit to you due to my foul mood and I’m sorry I ran away.” The girl blurted out as she collapsed amidst her violent sobs.

    He looked down at the crying wreck. Feeling pity and guilt rise in his breast, he got up from the sofa and sat down next to his pet, affectionately stroking and cuddling her as she sobbed into his leg. He remained silent for some time, giving her plenty of time to get her head together before reassuring her that it was okay, and that he was sure she’d do better in future and they’d soon be perfect again.

    “Please punish me, Master,” she sniffed, looking up at him in desperation, “please punish me so I can be cleansed of my bad behaviour.”

    He looked down at her, well aware that he had an equal if not greater role in their recent catastrophe, but also realising that his girl needed punishing to give her peace of mind. Rising, he gave the order for her to strip, as he walked towards the coffee table and picked up the book he had been reading previous to hearing her knock, before sitting on the edge of the sofa.

    Beckoning his pet to him, he positioned her across his knee. His left hand holding the book, and his right gently resting across her back, he began to swipe her with the volume, pausing for a short period after each thwack against her smooth rear end rang through the room. His pet took a short sharp breath after each thwack, but did not complain; she wanted to be punished for her wrongdoings.

    This continued for an hour, by which time his pet was thoroughly exhausted, her arse a bright red and had exhausted her eyes of anymore tears. He softly placed her on the floor and stroked her just behind her ear, telling her she’d been a good girl and taken her punishment well, to which she purred and affectionately cuddled her master’s leg.

    “Thank you for taking the time to punish me, Master.” she said affectionately, as she began to lick his exposed feet. “I wish to serve you, please allow me to show you that I shall be good from now on.” She pleaded, bowing at his feet. He stood, wanting to test her conviction, telling her to not move until instructed otherwise.

    She waited, obediently, feeling a certain pride that she was again doing as her master had told her, whilst hoping desperately that he would forgive her. Time passed slowly, every minute felt like an agonising eternity, but loyally she stayed where she was; waiting for her master to return.

    It was an hour later when he walked back in, and as she heard his footsteps her heart began to race. She desperately wanted to turn and look at him, but remembered how he had instructed her to remain as she was until told otherwise and so didn’t flinch.

    “Turn around.” he ordered, to which she immediately and enthusiastically obeyed, turning to see her master holding several packets of cards. She confusedly watched him open each one in turn and throw the cards into the air before placing the boxes in a little pile on the floor. When he had thrown all ten packets of cards onto the floor, he looked down at his pet and pulled out a see-through butt plug from behind his pack.

    “Stand, turn your back to me, bend over, open your arse.” He commanded, to which she instantly obeyed, to then have him insert the butt plug slowly and gently. After stroking her cheeks for a short while, he instructed her to sort out every single set of cards whilst leaving the butt plug in, and to not talk to him until she was done. She immediately set to work as he sat down and continued with his book. Devoted to earning his forgiveness, no matter what it took, she diligently worked at sorting out the cards, constantly aware of the toy which had penetrated her. Her master would occasionally look over his book to see how she was doing, feeling a deep satisfaction as she worked so hard to please him.

    Hours passed before finally the girl, tired and exhausted, had compiled all ten sets of cards, which she placed in front of her master. He slowly inspected them; meticulously checking the job had been done to perfection, aware of his pet’s anxiety to see if he was content.

    Satisfied at last, he looked up and smiled at his pet, stroking her hair before embracing her in a loving cuddle. The pet fell into tears of happiness, telling her master how much she loved him and would never abandon him again.

    “I forgive you, pet.” he said lovingly.

    She moved back in that night, and was allowed to sleep with her master instead of in her dog bed…After he had been satisfied and she cleaned up the mess.

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  2. HisFox

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    Oh, I loved the story SO much! Please write some more of this style and mood :) Great job, Knots!
  3. Knots

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    Thanks, Fox. Glad you liked xd.
  4. HisFox

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    Loved a lot that it's more like from the heart then from below the belt :)
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