Puppywalking 2: Puppy's Day in Town

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    Following the incident with the little golden retriever in the woods, Puppy had been on her best behaviour all the time.

    Master was proud of the positive change in his little pet, but was anxious that it might not last very long. He had not taken her to play with any other dogs since that incident, because he was afraid that she would misbehave again.

    Having had all night to think about it, he decided to leave it for now, but he had another treat in store for Puppy. As they ate their breakfast (he at the kitchen table, she from her bowl on the floor), he informed her that they would be going into town for a couple of hours.

    Puppy lifted her head from the bowl and gave a happy bark. Master had never taken her into town before, and she was very excited. What was it like there? Would there be other dogs to play with? She had no idea, but she was looking forward to finding out.

    She was finding it difficult to contain her excitement, and barely gave Master a chance to finish his coffee before bounding up to him, her lead in her mouth. Laughing delightedly at her enthusiasm, he took it from her and clipped it onto her collar, before leading her out into the yard and opening the back door of the car. She jumped onto the back seat, barking frantically, and Master stroked her head lovingly until she fell silent.

    The drive was a short one, and as they left the car, Puppy looked around her in wonder. There seemed to be hundreds of people around, going in and out of shops, or standing outside talking. As Master made his way through the crowded streets, she walked beside him on all fours, refusing to pull on the lead despite her excitement, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her back and arse, the tight hole between her cheeks stuffed full with her dog tail butt plug, which was turned upwards to show everyone how happy she was.

    Suddenly Master gave Puppy’s lead a small tug, indicating that they were stopping. She looked up to see that they were standing outside a large store of some kind. But then Master tethered her by her lead to some railings opposite, and she gave a small whine of fear.

    ‘It’s okay, Puppy,’ he said softly, crouching down to stroke her head. She jumped up and kissed his face all over, not wanting him to leave her, but knowing instinctively that he had to. With another little whine, sad this time, she lay down and buried her head between her paws.

    After a good few minutes, she realised that Master was going to be gone for a while, so decided to pass the time by having a little snooze. She was just starting to drift off when she heard a whine that sounded not unlike her own whenever she was distressed. Curious, she lifted her head, and what she saw made her heart beat faster, her pussy growing wet with her excitement.

    Tethered close by was another puppy, this one male. He too appeared to be a border collie; like her, he had pale skin and long black hair. He lay with his back to her, face buried between his paws, tail turned downwards, his body quivering and little howls of misery escaping him.

    Puppy stared at the other dog for a while, wondering if she should say something; she couldn’t bear seeing him so miserable. Eventually, she pulled herself up onto all fours and plucked up the courage to join him, her lead being long enough to allow this.

    On closer inspection, she saw that he was muzzled, his mouth held open by a sturdy ring held in place with a leather strap. Puppy felt a shiver of fear; did that mean he was dangerous?

    She was proved wrong when the other dog lifted his head, looked at her and whined pitifully. She felt sad for him, but forced a happy bark, trotting right up to him and nuzzling her head in his neck. This seemed to please him; he too got up onto all fours and turned to face her, his face close to hers, and suddenly their tongues were locked together in a passionate embrace, small sounds of pleasure rumbling through the other dog’s body as he kissed Puppy with what felt like desperation.

    Pulling away, Puppy turned her back on him and parted her legs slightly, revealing her moist pussy to him. He lowered his head and sniffed at her, then took a tentative lick. Puppy yelped with pleasure and pressed herself up against his tongue, inviting him to dine on her and savour her taste.

    The other dog was good with his tongue; he definitely knew how to please his mate. She could feel her belly tightening, the tension gathering in her paws and making its way towards her core as she prepared to give in to her climax…


    Puppy yelped in fright, nearly jumping out of her skin at the harsh, angry female voice. Looking up, she saw a tall, slim woman dressed all in black, with long black hair and black makeup, glaring venomously down at her new friend. He, it seemed, was absolutely petrified; he withdrew from her instantly and lay down, cowering.

    Seeing his reaction made Puppy angry. Rather bravely, she looked up at the horrible woman and growled viciously. The woman extended a hand to stroke her, and out of anger Puppy bit the offered fingers. The woman jumped back in alarm, but tried again to appease her pet’s new friend. She didn’t appear to be angry with Puppy, but Puppy was still wary of her, issuing a snarl of warning.

    Master came out of the store in time to witness this commotion. Seeing Puppy’s hostility, he narrowed his eyes angrily, but to her surprise, the woman came to her defence.

    ‘She’s afraid of me because I pulled this stupid creature away from her,’ she explained, glaring at her own pet as she spoke. ‘I was only gone for five minutes, and then I came back and caught him licking away at her. Without my permission, I might add.’

    As if to confirm this, the male dog whined sadly.

    ‘Yours is a lovely little thing, though,’ she continued. Noting Master’s warning look, Puppy reluctantly allowed the woman to stroke her head, then licked her hand in return. With some relief, she noticed that Master was smiling now.

    ‘Did he make her come?’ he asked the woman.

    ‘No. He knows he is not to touch other animals unless I say so.’

    Her tone was stern, but at Puppy’s sorrowful little whine, her face softened. ‘Okay,’ she conceded. ‘Slavepup, get back to work.’

    Puppy gave a happy bark and once more got into position, allowing the other dog to lick her once more. She howled and yelped, quivering violently as her climax gripped her, her juices soaking her mate’s face. He continued to lick her until she was clean, then trotted away, seemingly satisfied.

    The woman smiled, and asked Master, ‘Would you like your pet to return the favour?’

    Looking down at the eager expressions on the little dogs’ faces, he replied, ‘Why not let them go all the way?’

    Puppy gave another happy bark.

    ‘You heard,’ the woman snapped at her pet. ‘Get to work.’

    The other dog happily obeyed, mounting Puppy and filling her slick channel with an impressive erection. They began to rut away, her howling, him grunting, thrusting harder and harder until Puppy knew he was about to climax.

    ‘Puppy! Come away,’ Master ordered.

    Puppy obeyed, staring up at him.

    ‘Crawl underneath and lick him.’

    She obeyed, sniffing at her mate and taking in the scent of herself on his lovely big cock. Sticking her tongue out, she lapped delicately at first, then applied more pressure, only dimly aware of his harsh sounds of pleasure. Suddenly he gave a long, high pitched howl, and flooded her mouth with cream, which she swallowed eagerly, before returning the favour by licking him clean.

    ‘Good girl,’ Master said, smiling affectionately as he stroked her head.

    ‘And you’re a good boy,’ the woman said to her pet, releasing him from the railings as Master did to Puppy. After saying their goodbyes, the dogs doing this with a kiss, the two pets and owners went their separate ways.

    Back at home, Master had a surprise for Puppy.

    ‘While I was in the store,’ he said, ‘I bought you a present.’

    From a bag, he brought out a large, bright blue, squeaky rubber bone. Holding it high above Puppy’s head, he waited for her to get up on her hind legs, begging, before dropping it into her open, waiting mouth. She gave a muffled bark and rubbed her face against his leg to show her gratitude.

    As it was such a hot day, Master decided to sit in the garden for a while, drinking cold beer and reading a magazine. Puppy had enjoyed a bowl of ice cold water, but as she didn’t relish any more time in the hot sun, she retreated to the shade of her kennel and lay down inside it, chewing happily away on her new toy.

    After a few hours, she began to grow tired and released her grip on the bone. Master went indoors to get another bottle of beer; by the time he returned to the garden, Puppy was sound asleep, dreaming lovely dreams of dogs and bones.
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    More, Puppy, More. I haven't seen Master yet, so I hope I am fine responding here.
  3. Master C

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    I have no reason to find what you did, Prissy, as wrong. And I agree, Puppy is a great writer.

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    Thanks both! :)

    I have started work on another Puppy short, but it's going to be some time before it's finished, as I'm not yet sure what direction to take it in, so please bear with me on that :)
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    No problem. Puppy did you get my PM?

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    Yes, I did, and I'll reply now :)
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    Loved your story. Hope there's another part sometime in the future. :)

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