So, he's all neatly what do I do?

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    I'm new to this forum and I haven't been able to find any posts similar to this so please forgive me if it is a tired question, but I need some suggestions please....:eek:

    The dynamic in my LTR has recently changed - I've always subbed, and now my owner has indicated a desire to switch. That in itself is a whole other dimension of mindfuck alone, but while I deal with that, I need to get some practical advice on how to...

    It's one thing to work out how to restrain him...plently of pics on here and other sites to work from....and we have a well stocked toy box....but then what???:confused:

    He's not into pain..more sensation play, but I need some ideas of what to do with this pretty trussed up gift?

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who can offer some tips :)

  2. Hi there GivenIn,
    Check out some of the ideas that Sebastian and I were suggesting in this thread.

    Somewhat similar situation, where the sub wasn't into heavy CP etc.

    My advice is that a blindfold and "mental torture" goes a long way.

    I would especially recommend roleplaying a particular scene. Like you being an evil doctor, for example.

    Try ice cubes, and/or rubber bands. Try putting duck tape on him and ripping it off - obviously avoid hairy areas!! And a small piece of tape causes surprisingly little pain. Try it on yourself first.

    Am I on the right track?

  3. GivenIn

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    yep, that is sounding good :) I think that I am looking for ways to stimulate him I guess:)

    We do role play to a point - I have a collection of outfits and we always play "dressed" for the occassion, taking it a step further is a great idea...

    I had just read the thread you linked to..some ok-ish ideas there too.

    He is very visually stimulated so the first time I got him tied up, I used a blindfold, it didn't work for him but the gag did - so I have a start. I also know that humiliation will not work...

    Fortunately, we can and do talk about he does tell me if something I have done works or not...but, although he does always tell me that if he has done it to me, he'd probably like it too...he just can't tell me what to do...and that's where I'm stuck...
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    What you're looking for is called Sensation Play; you might google the term and see what you find. When I tie a guy up, I usually alternate painful sensations with pleasurable or unusual sensations. You need some pain to heighten the senses and create tension, so even if he doesn't like pain, give him some anyway, just not a lot. For example, spank or crop his butt, but stop after a few strokes and gently caress his butt cheeks. Then spank some more, then caress some more. Then switch to using a piece of silk, or a piece of fur, or piece of mild sandpaper, or your teeth, or your tongue, or an ice cube, or hot wax (although that's fairly complicated play), or a pinwheel, or (my personal secret weapon) an electric toothbrush. Or combine pain and pleasure--suck or stroke his cock while you pinch his nipples or gently flick your fingers against his balls or use a toothbrush down there.

    The important thing is to apply contrasting sensations and change them up fairly regularly so he can't get too used to any one sensation. Also, blindfold him so he can't see what's coming next. That makes it hard for him to prepare himself.
  5. GivenIn

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    Thank you very much for this - just sparked a whole lotta ideas :devil:

    Would like to hear a little more about that elec toothbrush of yours please?
  6. sebastian

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    The toothbrush is, as I said, my secret weapon. It's just a cheap battery-powered electric toothbrush that I bought for about $6 at a grocery store. It's turned out to be one of the best sex toys I've ever had. I usually bring it out late in the game, when the boy thinks he knows most of the things I'm gonna throw at him. I make sure h'e blindfolded or otherwise unable to see what I'm doing.

    I start out using it just as a brush--a mild abrasive--without turning it on. I'll brush his nipples, his balls, his cock, his ass, the space between his balls and his legs, his armpits, wherever I think it will be interesting. Then, when he's getting used to that sensation, I put it right under his balls and turn it on. 4 times out of 5, the boy starts to make very appreciative noises, squirms, and so on.

    You can also use the back of the head as a sort of mini vibrator. It's especially good against the cock and balls that way.

    The most interesting thing is that guys rarely guess what it is, and almost no one I've used it on (and I've used it on some pretty experienced guys) has ever had it used on them.
  7. GivenIn

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    Brilliant! Thanks - I will be adding that into my kit!
    Thanks to both of you - I some direction and ideas to work with now - I appreciate the help!
  8. RopeRanger

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    I do something along the same lines. I alternate silk scarf with a luffa, a silk tassel and a wool glove.I place smooth stones, half stored in the fridge and half in a bag of hat water on various spots of their body. Don't forget food. I swap sweets and sours, hot and cold.

    If blindfolding him doesn't seem to work then let him see, but tease him. Make him want what he can't have. A nipple just out or reach, rub against him, just enough to turn him on, but not enough to get him off. draw it out. make him want you enough to want to work himself out of him bindings

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