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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by MistressMaria86, Oct 9, 2012.


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    So I know the guy I occasionally have fun with likes 'all the anal stuff'. Have done one- two fingers and have inserted a slim line plug. I was looking at 'beginner beads' online - the reviews were quite favourable but being the novice that I am with all things sexual I am not really sure what to do with them.

    It said on the review that they need to be lubed up reasonably well and to go gently - I guess that means pushing the beads in one by one right?? Should I be trying to get them all in or build it up. (I dont actually know if this will even happen but I like to be prepared - I hate being so new to everything lol).

    Also once they are in do you just leave them in there or are you supposed to do something with them?? I realise this might cause some to giggle but I cant really ask anyone else and it would be really nice not to have to ask him mid play!

  2. Khartas

    Khartas New Member

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    Knowing what I know of beads, yes, you insert them one by one. The beads are on a string (or cord) and it's not exactly easy to push a string straight into something, now is it? Haha.
    As far as leaving them in versus yanking them out, it depends on what you want to do. Ask him if he wants them all in, or if he wants to take it slow. Yanking to remove them is not recommended- at least to start- but rather a straight and steady draw on the cord would be your best bet. If you choose to leave them in, you might use it to tease him by tugging gently on the draw cord, causing them to move, yet not come out, or even still, you could pull it so one was halfway out.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    Khartas- some beads are on a more solid(ish) strip- flexible rather than incredibly floppy and stringy. Your instructions should still apply, but I wanted Maria to know that wasn't just for string ones :)

    Also, if you pull them out (well, you'll have to eventually), I'd do it slowly. There's more tension that way as he feels each one exit and stretches around it, if that makes sense.
  4. Khartas

    Khartas New Member

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    Ah- I had forgotten. Thank you, Smallest.

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    Many thanks :). Yes I would go slowly both on the way in and way I out - I might be a dom but I still want to be gentle (at least at that point lol). The one I looked at was more solid in between the beads as Smallest says. As for asking him ....well part of the fun could be seeing what he could cope with right?? As I say it might not even happen but if it does i'll let you know how it goes.


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