Posture training

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  1. Does anyone have any ideas or advice on doing this? Or any equipment we could use to try it (preferably without breaking the bank)?

    Cheers :)
  2. vanilla137

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    Sorry for the ignorance (I'm still very new to all of this)..but what is posture training?
  3. Maintaining a good posture with various methods, collars and incentive.

  4. master jey

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    nice training
  5. vanilla137

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    pic looks like a good place to start!
  6. Hmm, maybe :)

    Anyone got any ideas for bondage posture positions?
  7. GreyMac

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    A hog-tie is classic. Frog ties are wonderful, and a personal favorite pose of mine would be with your arse in the air, face down with hands tied at the wrists, behind your back.

    Another good one for someone such as yourself who has a nice rear view is a simple tie of the hands where you clasp each of your elbows (or as close as you can get) with your hands behind your back while standing very, very straight - on tiptoe, with back directly to the camera. This pose is particulatly well-suited to be done as an outdoor shot with a good background of fall foliage. I think that, if done completely nude with your pretty alabaster skin, this pose would make a very striking visual.
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    And speaking of striking visuals, MOP, that posture photo is wonderful. I'm gonna have to rock that as an avatar for a couple of days. It has also been added to permanent rotation in my screen saver. Thank you!

    I do enjoy a Pretty Avatar...
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  9. subspace

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    Oh yes, I love this picture! I cant quite put my finger on what it is but something about this picture draws My attention. I think it is the intent look of concentration on his face and his stance that does it for me. Thanks for sharing MoP!
  10. Grey - You always have the best avatars!

  11. Hang on, hang on . . . let me write this down. :D
    Glad you guys like the pic, I think a black and white photo adds to the strict feel of it.
  12. This may be a good way to start. It costs nothing but the Dom & sub's time to memorize all of these.

    Hold the pose. Then you could move on to balancing items (glasses of water, candles, etc.). Invent new poses that are relevant to your preferences and practices.

    I have been known to hang bells from subbie that would alarm me to premature movements. :D

    Just my .02

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  13. GreyMac

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    Thank you ML/ML for the nice compliment. You are kind to say so. It would appear that MoP and I share a fondness for pictures of lovely women who enjoy some 'spice' in their lives....
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    this one is nice i had her as avatar
  15. Yes, I have been 'looking into it' a lot recently. :)


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