Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by blekker, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. blekker

    blekker New Member

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    I wonder if some women have really a fetish in large penises.

    What do you think?
  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    I think it is quite rare for women to have fetishes at all (kinks are fairly common, but fetishes like foot fetish, latex fetish, etc are not), and most women I know prefer average penises- big hurts.

    Women into cuckold fetish are those most stereotypically into men with big dicks, but the logic behind that seems to usually be more about humiliating their cuck than enjoying large dick.

    I think it's mostly straight men who have obsessions with women who like large dicks, so porn is produced with women being penetrated with giant dildos or porn-huge penises, but it's more of a men-like-women-who-like-big-cocks thing than women actually liking that.

    That isn't to say there are no women with large penis fetishes, just that it's really rare.
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Gay porn places a high emphasis on large cocks. One will rarely see a bottom and almost never a top who is not exceptionally well-endowed (7-8") in gay porn. The emphasis on large cocks is even more exaggerated for black performers--it's often the main selling point of the porn.

    I think men tend to obsess over cock size in a way that women do much less frequently. Obviously this doesn't answer your question, but it at least provides a point of comparison.
  4. oscillator

    oscillator Active Member

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    It's not like I've done a study on this or something lol but I really do think most women like the idea of a huge dick, interested in them, but in general, they are just not fixated on these attributes and it's only that small percent of "size queens" who actually like to fuck guys with big dicks and purposely seek those. Others really only want that average size, but there's a time in every woman's life when she'll look at a huge one and be amazed and probably even get excited.
  5. mmay55

    mmay55 New Member

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    I love a big dick, and I prefer them and seek them out. I wouldn't say it's a fetish though, because I can get off without one. I can't say I've ever met a woman with a large penis fetish, either. I think most women don't get off vaginally anyway, so as long as their partner satisfies them they don't really think about it.
  6. New Member

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    Very true, I myself am blessed with 7.5, 8 on a good day, but every girl i've been with won't complain but will def be sore inside for a little bit. Thankfully my sub/gf is very happy and loves to be sore. But women don't put as much on the size as one would think. Granted they do not like nubbers but they don't want king kong long dong either. The vagina will only take about 8-9 inches before hitting the cervix (some are less than that!)

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