The dominant talk thread.

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by ReallyGreen, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

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    I love dominant talk, seductive or humiliating doesn't matter. But I'm always at a loss of what to say, so I'm starting the Dominant Talk thread. If you've ever said or heard anything sexy, no matter how obvious it may be, please post it, you might inspire somebody.

    I'll section it off a little so if you have an event coming up you can browse a little more quickly. Mix 'em up, toss 'em around and see what sticks with your partners, playmates, & clients.

    1. Women & Vaginas. (For the dominant female)

    *"Just look at my pussy. So warm and wet. I bet you're just dying to taste it, aren't you? Maybe if you're good later I'll let you have a sniff. Mmmm..... Torturing you gets me nice and wet and I'm going to smell soooo good when I'm done with you. But if you cry too much I'm afraid I'm going to have to save it all for the next real man who comes along."

    2. Women & Vaginas. (For a submissive female)

    *"Just look at that pussy, Its so wide and wet. Thats a real whore's pussy. I bet you just had to fuck five guys yesterday, didn't you you fucking slut?"

    *[while fucking or using a large toy]"You like big dick don't you? Tell me how much you love big cock" When they say they love cock tell them to say it 'louder', let them keep saying it until they are almost screaming. It is my experience that people yelling almost always climax quicker.

    *[while fucking or using a large toy]"You love that don't you you fucking whore. Tell me what a good whore you are to love this cock." As above have them repeat "I'm a whore" (or some variation; I'm your whore, etc) until they're screaming it.

    *"Wow, just feel how tight that pussy is. A real man couldn't even fit in that, I bet you're used to fucking little boys with that twat. Well we're going to stretch you out so that you can play with the big boys now." [Seems to work better if you're going to be using a series of progressively larger toys rather than intercourse. Unless of course you're hung like a moose you lucky bastard].
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  2. littlegirl

    littlegirl New Member

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    Well my talk isn't dominant, but Master likes my submissive talk.

    Whining works sometimes (I'm spoiled), but I don't advise this it may just earn you a harsher punishment later (but then again, who's complaining). But when I really get punished is when I don't get any AT ALL. That's a REAL punishment :/

    But yeah back to talking... because I was a virgin when I met my Master, I sometimes refer myself as his sweet little virgin and I say things like

    "[as he's holding me down, pushing me up against a wall or bounding me]Master, please spare me, I'm just a little girl, I can't take you at all!"


    "[right before he starts beating me] Please don't hurt me, sir, I don't like to cry," or "please stop I can't take anymore [advised when you REALLY can't take anymore use the safe word, please.]"

    I am fond of using the victim advantage and raping situations though... it's good to adjust to your usual routine...
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