How many enjoy the wrestling fetish?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by wyhmedia, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. wyhmedia

    wyhmedia Banned

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    Since I haven't really participated in discussions here before I'm curious to learn how many of the posters here enjoy the wrestling fetish? If you do, how come? If not what are some of the fetishes you do enjoy?

    Curious to hear what you all have to say. Hope to get some great replies.
  2. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    I haven't actually done wrestling, but I love struggling with a boy once he's at least partly bound. It makes the domming more 'genuine' somehow. It enhances the humiliation of the sub.
  3. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    Struggling is fun! Watching wrestlers wrestle is weird for me

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    I love wrestling/fighting with my master. It's just so powerful and erotic ;)
  5. FemDom Lady

    FemDom Lady New Member

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    I love girl\girl wrestling very well. Especially wrestling in the mud.
  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    love wrestling but with strong man
    with girl it's not interesting
    me 100kg monster vs my girlfriend half of me in size and weight :D

    and i like sambo more
  7. jakelive

    jakelive New Member

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    I love a bit of wrestling, especially where there are consequences. Normally that mean when the other person gets us both into a certain position something being inserted into my mouth.

    I would love to do a bit of mud wrestling if i ever got the chance, would have to be speedo or less

    wrestlers outfits are a real turn on
  8. Psyclapse

    Psyclapse New Member

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    I don't know about an actual wrestling fetish, but it's a lot of fun to tussle with your slave and physically overpower them.

    I don't do it that often though, partly because my slave has a dodgy arm from a childhood accident, and partly because she's damn tough! She's quite sporty and competitive, if I told her to try and escape my grasp, she'd give me a real run for my money. So far I've always been able to pin her down, but there's a distinct chance I'll lose one day!
  9. Ghost

    Ghost Member

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    Wrestling is fun. Both doing it and watching girl/girl wrestling.

    Acctually, I like the idea of girl/girl wrestling but what I have seen -- even of models that I lust -- is pretty crappy. So I like the idea better perhaps than the reality.

    Wrestling with and dominating a STRONG, ATHLETIC woman is exciting. Not as much fun if she's a wuss.

    Part of my feeling on this is that I don't care about giving pain but dominating is ecstasy -- any pain is for HER benefit, not mine. I am willing to deliver but it isn't my own turn on.

    [I get the idea of subspace, endorphins, and adrenal or just psychological enjoyment.]

    Ok, there's my newbie dirty/silly little secret that I wanted to ask about anyway -- what about other doms who feel this way about delivering pain?

    Obviously, whatever works for the people involved, but is this unusual among the kinky?

    For myself, I am have moderate generalized arthritis (since I was about 22) but am also a martial artist -- when I am doing MA, boxing, wrestling, BJJ (that's jiu-jitsu not some form of fellation) I just don't feel that nagging joint pain AT ALL.

    I feel GOOD when I am on the mat or in the ring, even if some guy (or gal) is trying to hit hit me in the head or body, or trying to choke me out.

    Part of my love for fighting, wrestling, and tussling is that I stop hurting even when it isn't sexual nor BDSM.

    Personally, I don't WANT any pain, but the other fighters sometimes look at me pretty weird when I explain how "getting hit" (without actual injury) is pleasurable and even relaxing.

    Today, I was "shadow sparring" (the idea isn't to hit VERY much so it's like shadow boxing with a partner) with a less experienced boxer (I'm not that experience either) and my goal was CONTROLLING him WITHOUT HITTING him (much) AND while GOING SLOW so he could have a time to practice his defense and counterpunching, so I was getting hit occasionally, maybe every 30 seconds or so, and this was actually pretty enjoyable -- no pain at this level of hit.

    It's a pretty tricky way to practice and excellent for building my own skills.

    Ok, weird again, huh? Too much info?

    Last edited: May 14, 2010
  10. Sub4Life

    Sub4Life Member

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    It's not really wrestling, but my Master will struggle with me somtimes and then hold me down by my wrists and make me "surrender". It's fun :)
  11. princedorian

    princedorian Member

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    I used to have a fantasy of being stripped nude while fighting other boys, esp. in a public place, where everyone could see my humiliation. I imagined myself running away naked on the streets, eventually being caught, and begging for mercy, licking my opponent's shoes, etc.
  12. Demotep

    Demotep New Member

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    I have never really wrestled other than actual amateur wrestling when I was younger. I enjoy getting pinned down and struggling to get up with little success. I imagine I would enjoy wrestling as well, though it is harder for me because I know how to wrestle and would likely have to subdue that part of me that kicks into legitimate wrestling mode. That is, if I wanted her to win.
  13. underdog

    underdog Member

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    I love the idea of wrestling and being pinned down, but after MMA - Judo in particular - training, it just wouldn't work with me. I'd win, and that just wouldn't be fun at all ;D

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