Names for a boy and his lady

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by JettOnly, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

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    Not going to go into how I have ended up wiith a subby boy to play with :)

    Just a bit of online fun - but I am really having fun :)

    I cant think of names to use

    He is used to saying 'mistress' but I want something to make clear that I am only seeing if he is worth my effort and he hasnt earnt that right yet
    same would go for all the other terms like 'godess' and 'princess' not to mention I really dont like them

    At the moment the only thing I can think of is 'miss' as a kind of schoolboy 'please miss' thing But it dosent quite hit the spot either

    Any other good names people can think of?

    also ideas for me to call him? for just now its really only about tease and denial and a little sexual humiliation 'boy' kind of appeals I really wish 'slut' had the same power over a guy as it does over a girl

    any ideas?
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    Ha ha ha.. I love this! :)

    Hmmm.. For your name, perhaps just an initial.. That is always fun! "M", "Ma'am", those are a couple that come to mind!

    For him, "buckaroo" is one of my favorites, it instigates so much! That and "cockling" is always a stinger! LOL!
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  3. Knots

    Knots Member

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    Random suggestions for him - bitch, cock, twat, mocking names derived from things you make him do (I.E. "cumeater"), a number or even remove names for him from the equation unless you want to be affectionate, referring to him as "it" (I.E. "it will be quiet", "it will lick my shoes", "it will dance and do twenty start jumps").
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  4. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    He might call you Ma'am, or Lady, or more romantically, milady, my queen, my goddess, etc. Or perhaps just Boss.
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  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    I like Boss. It reminds me of Tim Curry.
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  6. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

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    Oh I knew you guys wouldnt let me down great ideas
    Now if I think in terms of Tim Curry then I think I could do boss :) but possibly go for lady or ma'am - see what feels good
    To be honest Im not going to give him a title to use UNLESS he tries to use mistress

    hehehe loving the names for him. I think I might use different ones depending on the occasion
    'it' is wonderfully cold if I am displeased
    'cockling' is wonderfully playfull and insulting all at the same time 'slutlett' appeals too - not even good enough to be a slut
    and he does seem to respond well to 'worm'
    I think a little list of them to use depending on the situation

    Oh this is gonna be fun
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    You will have to share what works out for you! We are all ears! LOL
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    If he likes to be humiliated, I think the most humiliating names for a guy revolve around being worthless, whereas the most humiliating names for a girl revolve around being used sexually (slut, whore, etc.)

    I would say maggot, pretty boy, pussy, POS... Or if you want to revolve more around his obedience to you, try slave or boy or somehow speaking to him like plantation owners did to their slaves or the like (hate to relate BDSM to such an aweful practice, but it's the only way of referring to a slave that comes to mind), or if he's more childlike, little one, little boy, baby boy, etc.

    That's all I got really... Just re-naming him completely is a good idea, as well:)
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  9. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

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    Well seeing as you asked to be updated
    I agreed (told him I was gonna) take control of him from midnight tonight. Its a tease and denial thing cos thats something I have been interested in for a long time. Just online at the moment but will make it real life after christmas

    I think he is used to being a bit of a brat to get punished because I said I would sent his orders later and he was trying to get me to send them or punish him buy him questioning me quite a bit

    I think I shocked him a bit when I told him ' this is your own choice, it pleases me for you to do as I say but you can stop at any time if you dont wish to do as I ask'
    because right away he promised he would be everything I want him to be :)

    He did surprise me a little. Before when we had talked about this kind of thing I did mention that I really liked the idea of a chastity device - but I said no more about it

    But he has got himself one :)

    so in 70 min little ole 'not sure about this whole lyfestyle thing' me will have a sub with his cock in a cage
    and I am really enjoying it :)
    He has his orders for the next few days so I am very much looking forward to seeing how he gets on

    as well as the tease and denial I am trying a little bit of sneaky operant conditioning (Im a dog trainer)
    He thinks it is simply some kind of humiliation that every time before he can come out of his cage he has to apply perfume

    By the time he gets here I should be able to tease him just with a tiny wiff of perfume

    So far I have only used boy for him
    In the past he has had a bit of a habit of calling me bitch when I suggest something a little cruel - so if he does that in the next couple of days then I think he will be calling me 'lady bitch' I kind of like how that sounds :) - but i may change my mind
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    I don't know if that is something common (I've heard of people using operant conditioning with toys and words to cause orgasm or arousal), but I'd say that's pretty creative!

    I like "lady bitch" for punishment. LOL.
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  11. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

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    Well two days in and he is being such a good little boy
    As I said it is tease and denial long distance at the moment, he is a bit too used to pleasing himself when he wants (all the time) so he is struggling quite a bit already - and I havent even been mean yet!
    Hes in his chastity cage which I am impressed that he has taken to so well - I did say he could take it easy with that if needed and break it in gently - but nope its on except when I let him take it off to play - what a good boy

    Day 1 rules very simple - he could play 3 times for 15 min - 13 min slow strokes, 2 min fast
    then stop and back in cage (while of course thanking me for letting him play)

    No porn no touching any other part of his body an a sexual way

    Day 2 was 2 times the same as day 1 - and 3rd time was to edge himself 3 times (till he almost cums) and then stop play

    I also asked him to keep a diary of how he was getting on with it as he hasnt been very chatty about it so it is difficult to judge how easy difficult it is for him

    very very fun - well for me!
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  12. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

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    He tried to call me mistress and got a 'did I ask you to call me mistress?'

    But clearly it was bugging him not to have something to call me
    I finally got him to call me bitch (he was asking how I was planning on using a new toy on him - usually I tell him to stop asking - but this time I sent some VERY grahic texts to him while he was at work - broke them up and sent one every couple of hours - I believe it hurts a bit to get excited in chastity :D and he was VERY excited - so after the 4th txt he called me a bitch

    'lady bitch to you'

    and that is what I have been called ever since

    Think all the teasing today has made things very difficult, not to mention that today while he plays with himself he also has to play with his ass - think the extra stimulation is making things a whole lot more difficult - he is being a whole lot more vocal now :) and very attentive

    I might go easy(ish) on him tomorow
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    Oh my! That's a lot of fun to be having online! I think you're rather good at it:D

    Have you discussed wearing an anal plug?
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  14. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

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    It is way too much fun, I can't wait to do this in the flesh

    I have thought about the butplug but possibly not this time, he is very close to having an accident so I'm thinking of letting him out soon
    Hopefully the pride that he made it and how amazing his release is gonna feel will mean he will want to play again really soon
    Although I am thinking of sending him an article i found showing the benifits of keeping a guy locked up for 90 days, that will put his 4. Days into perspective lol and make him a little worried
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  15. JettOnly

    JettOnly Member

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    Interesting the power in a name
    yesterday after me continuing to tease him at his work his task for the evening was to shave himself, then soap up and play with himself for 5 min, then back in his cage

    From his texts and his diary posts I can really see a change in his mindset, it is really interesting, and very flattering to so how obviously he thinks about me all day now
    So to show him I was happy with what he was doing I asked him if he would like me to be his mistress now and let him call me that

    He admitted later that the shaving was very difficult for him because he just wanted me there touching him, and that me being his mistress made him very happy
    one little word has made such a change in him

    I noticed he was online really late last night, turns out he couldnt calm down enough to sleep so I phoned him up and chatted to him for a while
    Really interesting, he never told me before but he really wasnt sure if he would be able to sub especially for this amount of time as in the past he has started freaking out (I didnt push for explinations as I was trying to get him to sleep)

    I was a little worried that I was overdoing the teasing for him during the day but it seems that he really needs to know I am thinking about him to

    This is a really interesting journy for me, and hopefully him.

    Unfortunatly at work today he has hurt his back so he cant do any play at all, I chatted to him a little bit again to make sure he is OK. I was going to let him free tonight - before he hurt himself, but chatting tonight he really is enjoying this, although it is tough for him that just one word from me and he is painfully hard.

    Totaly interesting because I really didnt think I could ever be dom, didnt see the attraction in causing people pain and sexually I very much like pleasing other people - so thinking of telling someone what I want just stressed me out

    But I think the time with my subdrop (thankyou all for helping me there) I had to really think about why things were wrong for me
    I think not only do I have a better idea of what I need in that situation - and hopefully I am being more like that in the domme I am playing just now
    But I also though about the things I love the most
    and one of those things is the cocktease you have at the start of a relationship, the little dance where you feel him holding back, really wanting you but afraid to. The gasps and shudders as you do any little thing to him

    So I dont know if that would count as dom kind of control type things - but it is something I very much like
    and with this chastity thing I am able to get a guy into that state 24/7
    and I dont have to be nasty, or punish, or controling or anything
    I can cause pain with a smile
    and he will obay anything i ask because the biggest punishment is i get bored and ignore him for a short while

    Sorry for rambling on - hope Ive not bored the pants off you all. Im leaarning so much and it halps to ramble here

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