Help with getting my girl to be a Dom.

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by that one guy, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Okay so I've been married for a little under a year and a half now. My wife has known sense before we were married that I am a submissive person also that I very much so like bondage. But neither of us have any experiance In bondage and she has little to no experiance in sex at all(except what weve done sense we got married. which is pretty much only the basics.) bondage has always been up there on our things to do but the other day when I was reading about how to do some bondage stuff (because we finally have some money to spend for it) I found a article on master/slave. Now me being a very submissive person( I admit it all the time all though I've never really gotten to be submissive in the ways I want to). I loved the idea of being a slave. Well I told my wife about this a few days ago and she dosent know exactly how she feels about it. Shes also not to sure on what to do. I've read so many articles and stuff on what to do before hand like communicate and come up with limits and safty words and what not but I really dont know how to explain to my wife what really to do or try to be a dom. She likes the idea of having control over me for an entire day but shes not to sure what exactly shes going to do. If anyone has any advice on anything it would be grateful. I've told my wife before hand I'm really okay with just about anything she wants me to do(I told her i wont do anything with another guy or that has to do with pain to my balls if you will)

    But I dont know if anyone has a guide or a site I could send her to to read about you know what she can do to try this stuff(she does want to try but I think shes afraid to) it would be a great help I really want to try and get her into this or to at least try it but she really dosent know what shes doing so Help would me much appreciated.

    I know i ramble alot and probly said the same thing a few times in there but its just kinda who I am.
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    Have you read the FAQ? One of the items in there deals with getting a bf to dom a gf, and at least some of that applies as much to getting a gf to dom a bf, although some of it doesn't apply.

    My standard advice is to start with control. Tell your wife that she gets to have complete control over sex. She gets to demand sex whenever she wants, wherever she wants, in whatever way she wants. She has no obligation to reciprocate unless she wants to. So she can interrupt whatever you're doing to demand you go down on her or whatever. Once she's gotten used to being in charge, then you can ask her about adding something like bondage or pain play.

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