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    Ok so Im a switch
    One thing myself and my partner both like from both sides is to be surprised, overpowered then forced into tight bondage

    I have tried it a few times as a sub and really love properly fighting against it and feeling him overpower me

    But he is stronger than me so for me to overpower him I will have to be smart

    Anyone done anything like this? Any ideas?

    I have leather cuffs and a collar I can make him sleep in, chains and rope and a very bondage friendly bed
    But he is a lighter sleeper than me

    At the moment all I can think is to start out as if I'm just playing with some fun bondage, but when I have him a little secure tell him I am going to do something to him he really dosent want (the monster but plug should get a reaction) so he starts to struggle and I fight to put him in really tight bondage to have my wicked way with him

    Any ideas?

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