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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Littlebuttslut, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Littlebuttslut

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    Uhm, Hey everyone! First post here... And I need help. I am a submissive female and currently in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years. He and I sext a lot, and we also talks dirty to me over Skype when we can't see each other. Anyway, enough about us I need some help! I need new ideas we can tease each other about; here are things we already like
    -Blow jobs
    -deep throat
    -swallowing cum (""unwillingly"" he has to say things like "swallow my cum, give me satisfaction, etc)
    - cumming inside my ass (again, unwillingly but he and I both crave it. I just like him to force my to do things I would t normally do.)
    - air play (slight strangling)

    We havn't really gotten into tieing me up, but I'm kinda moving to that. We also call each other names, for him I only have one name, ONE NAME! P "master" of course, but I love it when he calls himself that. Are they any good names out there?
    For me, he calls me many names
    -butt slut (my user name)
    -Slave (always gets me)
    -he always calls me small or tiny... (I'm 5'4 he's 6'1)
    I like to be objectified, and my emotions to go unnoticed when having sex or for play, basically I want him to use me for his pleasure, pushing me to do things I wouldn't usually do, (example: him cumming in my throat and forcing him to swallow)

    Also, do any of you have ideas for a scenario where the dominant one would ask te submissive to do something for his pleasure only? (Example: him saying to me to swallow his cum, that "don't you want to please your master?") I'm going past anal and blow jobs now. I need more kinky shit to do

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  2. darknova42

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    You could go kind of aristocratic or feudal with the names. Maybe see if calling him 'My lord' or 'My liege' will work? That could be a route either of you could research, because the nobility of any culture was all about power over others.

    As for kinky shit you can do for his pleasure only? Well, I'm assuming that you want to do things for him that don't always give you pleasure, things he'd make you do just for the satisfaction of having pleased him and endured whatever it was.

    In that case, I've got a couple of ideas. Maybe, since you're in a long distance relationship you could try going around naked and acting as a servant when you finally do see eachother. You would do things for him, like serve him food and drink or whatever he orders you to do, but also your body would be completely at his disposal. Whenever the urge strikes him he could just bend you over the arm of the couch and fuck you. Or maybe up against the wall in the hallway.

    Also theres things like getting in the shower or bath with him and bathing him. Things like that. I think you should talk to your master about it. Tell him you like it when he orders you to do things solely for him, that pleasing him pleases you.
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  3. justine1387

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    Maybe sitting on his face to gag him?

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