My older master fantasy

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    I would be purely sexual slave for older fat black man.

    Every evening he would tie my hands behind back, place me on bed on my stomach. He would fuck my for an hour or more, the whole time I would have tell him what little slut I am and how much I love his big cock in my tiny young butt hole. I wouldn't call him master or sir, instead I would call him uncle or daddy or something similar. Other possible slaves would call him master or sir, If I did that I would be punished.

    Usually the evening fucking would end with him depositing his cum in my butt hole, after that he would tie me to bed as I would be sleeping next to him. Friday evening would be my shower day, since during saturday he would be throwing a party for married closet gays and they would fuck me with all their pent up lust. Sunday morning I would wake up with cum dried all over my body.
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