My Punishment

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Nyx, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Nyx

    Nyx Member

    I’d known I was in trouble and in for a big punishment all week long. Because I only see my top on weekends, I had five days to stew while he thought up an appropriate response to my disobedience.

    And in the interest of truthfulness, I hadn’t committed a minor infraction.

    Because I’d been lapsing in obedience and respectfulness, Sir assigned reciting two mantras twice a day and I was required to text him after each time. The very first night he’d assigned this task I chose to deliberately disobey him and not complete my task.
    After being informed I’d be punished severely, I managed to completely forget to either recite my mantras/text that I had done them a total of five times. Sir also wishes me to point out that I made several adamant promises that I wouldn’t forget/disobey again and I broke those promises.

    Sir required me to bring a blindfold, the wooden paddle and handcuffs. I knelt on the ground while he removed my shirt and bra, handcuffed my hands behind my back and blindfolded me. He told me sternly that he was going to cum on my chest and I wasn’t allowed to protest or move. I was mostly quiet, although I did whimper a little.

    I hate to write the next part because it reflects so badly on me.

    We took a break for awhile. When we came back to resume the punishment, Sir informed me that he’d decided he would complete my punishment in me and I could choose whether to take him inside my mouth or my ass.

    I refused to make a choice, even after being scolded. I’m ashamed to admit that I was so disobedient. I was sent to the corner in shame and told that for now my punishment would be to think about the fact that I couldn’t be punished. Which made me feel horrible. It felt like I spent hours in the corner while Sir stood behind me. Finally he ordered me to kneel on all fours and face the wall. He proceeded to spank me with the wooden paddle until I cried out.

    He pulled me up to stand at attention and ordered me to spread my legs. He roughly shoved a screwdriver handle inside me and told me to hold it. After a few minutes he had me kneel and he relocated the screwdriver to my ass. As someone mentioned before, it’s an extremely humbling feeling to have something stuck up your butt. It makes it very difficult to disobey or be disrespectful.

    I was required to kneel on the ground again and Sir told me I no longer had a choice. He was going to take my ass and I was not to move, or cum without permission.

    I’m supposed to add that while some might not consider these things to be punishments, I find both things humiliating and difficult to endure without comment.
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  2. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    awww, did you learn your lesson????
  3. Nyx

    Nyx Member

    Yes I did, Prissy. My top commented that I was much better behaved afterwards.

    Especially because I had to write about it and post it online. It was a pretty severe punishment that I won't forget soon!
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  4. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    any time a ounishment must be posted whether it be to one or many it is definaely humiliating
  5. MagisterFruiticitum

    MagisterFruiticitum New Member

    You did very well indeed, Nyx. While I was sad that you needed such severe correction, I am very glad that you learned your lesson and accepted your punishment with a minimum of hassle. Hopefully this won't have to happen again.

    I know I tell you this often, but I wanted to make a special note of it publicly: You make me very proud.
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  6. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    umm, who are you?
  7. MagisterFruiticitum

    MagisterFruiticitum New Member

    In case you hadn't noticed the right-hand side of Nyx's signature, I'm her top.
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  8. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    I never noticed that, sorry for the awkward question.
  9. MagisterFruiticitum

    MagisterFruiticitum New Member

    Not a problem. These things happen sometimes.
  10. Nyx

    Nyx Member

    Thank you, sir. :) I'm glad to have done so.
  11. Awwwww...that's so sweet :)

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