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    I spent the weekend as I normally do, serving my Master. On Saturday night I told my Master that if he wanted to he could call me by his ex-roommate's name. I really liked her when they were living together and I could tell that even though he said he wasn't interested in her he still would have slept with her. At some point I developed a little crush on her, too.

    Anyway, Master likes to degrade me and I thought he would enjoy calling me by her name for its degradation and newness. I told him that I wouldn't be mad at him for it later (it was my suggestion, how could I be mad?) and we went through with it. We both really enjoyed doing it so we tried it again Sunday night.

    The scenario changed a little. This time he told me to imagine being all tied up and being forced to watch him be with her, to taste her on him, things lake that. I broke down and started sobbing because it hurt me to think of it. I told Master that I would feel like I was being punished and Master told me he would only do that if I had been really bad.

    The biggest issue I have with the whole scenario is seeing my Master with another woman that is not a slave. It would be hard enough seeing him with another woman, but I really don't know if I could take it if he let her have control of me or, even worse, if she were his Mistress.

    Has anyone done this in real life? Please, PM me if the details are too much for the forum. My Master would like to talk to me more about having another person with us but I need to hear from people that have done it already: did feelings get hurt? Would you do it again? What were the roles of the people involved? What would you have done to improve the experience?
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    Well Puppy I have heard of scenarios and usually the sub is fine with it, as that person was more of a slave than anything, where they have no control anyways. In the scenario you are speaking of, where you have a little say on what happens, I haven't seen circumstances like that. I know if my Master were to ask me, I would more than likely say yes, as I love him that much, that it shouldn't phase me. I pray that I never have to worry about a third person in the scenario, as What I say here, can go right out the window, in the real deal. I would hope that I wouldn't change my answer, but I guess it is possible.

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    I think the third party would have to get on with you in 'real life'. My friend had a female stranger for his wife to play with, and after the event they [the girls] ended up fighting, and not in a good way, another mate [honest] ... his girlfriend got him a female to join them as it was his fantasy, and when the time came, he couldn't go through with it. so.... I guess its a case of be careful what you wish for. :rolleyes:
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    Master of Puppies does mak sense Puppypuppy. Good luck with how you decide to do it.

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    Master says he wouldn't choose anyone I was not comfortable with and that we would each agree on the person (I am allowed to make suggestions). Really I think that I am okay with the situation as long as Master lets me know after that I am still his puppy. I need to be reassured in situations like that.

    Before I entered this lifestyle I had a couple of relationships where my boyfriend and I had another woman in our bed. It never went all the way (curfew one time, a leg cramp the next) but I think I would have been okay with it if it had.
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    Don't tread lightly on this subject. Make sure you really want it

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    I would say yes if my Master wanted the other person to serve him.

    I would say yes if my Master let us all be equals.

    I would say yes if my Master didn't tie me up and let me receive at least some pleasure.

    I would say yes if my Master let me switch and be Mistress (we have discussed this scenario, too)

    I would hesitate if my Master wanted me to only watch, it would seem like punishment.

    I would say no if my Master wanted to let someone else be his Master/Mistress. I don't care if he does it when I'm not around but I don't want to see my Master serve another person. The control dynamic would be thrown off completely and I wouldn't know how to act. I would probably attack the new Master/Mistress... especially if they beat my Master.

    I don't know about other scenarios, I would have to wait and decide when they came up.

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    I've tried variations on it before that never worked out. I like the idea and so does Master. The idea really excites me. And if Master wants it I will do it. He wouldn't intentionally do anything that would harm me emotionally and he would screen the person and make sure we both agreed before anything happened with them. He doesn't want to damage our relationship so if he didn't think it was a good idea he wouldn't go through with it.

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    Hmm, well, my ex and I once played a game where he pretended to be this guy we both knew, who had a major crush on me. I had to call him by the other guy's name, and he adopted all his mannerisms. Although enjoyable, it was a bit weird, and I'm not sure I ever want to do it again.

    Now, my master and I have discussed bringing another party into our games. At the moment, I don't feel ready for this, but I think I could really enjoy it in the future. One of his aforementioned mates, and I'll be having a bisexual female friend down for a weekend sometime, with whom I have discussed getting intimate. Thinking about my friend and my master together gets me really hot, especially fantasies of him bossing her about while I'm tied and helpless in a corner, forced to watch.

    I think that as long as everything is discussed first, and everyone knows where they stand, everything should be okay.

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    How do you bring something like that up to a friend?

    I have mentioned it to one friend that I am interested in (she watched while and ex and I had sex once) but she wasn't interested in participating.

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    A lot of alcohol helps with discussions like that :D

    Seriously though, my friend and I have discussed getting together, but she's not too sure yet about playing with my master, because he is the same age as her parents and that makes her feel a bit weird. She's never met him, and I don't see much of her myself as she lives at the opposite end of the country. So what I will do is have them meet up in my flat, have a chat and get to know each other, and just see where it leads. If they want to play together, then cool, but if not, then that's cool too :)

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    My friend said she would be fine letting me be her Mistress for an night but she is a lesbian and not interested in my Master. She also thinks the whole idea of letting my Master own me is idiotic, so we obviously don't agree on everything. :)

    Master and I have talked about me having a slave and playing with him/her together. I would be the Mistress in that situation or at least have final say over anything my Master wants to do to/with my slave. That could work for us but I'm picky and I'm moving later this year so I don't want to spend time training a slave well enough to share with my Master and then leaving him/her. Besides not wanting to leave my slave, I want to spend as much time with my Master as I can while we still live relatively close to one another.
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    My wife and I share slaves. while we are a domme/dom couple, we do switch for each other but only with each other. It is often hard on subs that have been with one of us and only one of us to be introduced to the other. on a sub-conscious level, their abuse is a form of intimacy, and a bond does occur, not unlike Stockholm. By introducing a peer, whom you also share your life with, and thus the sub with, the reality of thir position on the hierarchy is made painfully clear (pun partially intended).

    We have one sub in training now, that while she craves to be with me, i have not given her that pleasure. she enjoys being with my wife. and while we engage in threesomes, i will not allow her contact with me. I will continue this until she is worthy, and have proven that she is willing to forgo her normal life for one more pleasing to us.

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    That is much more intense training than my Master had done with me. I don't know how I would react to that. When I agreed to be his slave I agreed to be HIS slave, not to have him share me full time with somebody else. I really hope that doesn't ever come up in our relationship, I don't see myself becoming taken with the idea.
  15. Sparrow69

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    even if your master wishes it? As a slave, would you not do as he asks to keep him happy?

    On a side note, all of out slave applicants are well aware they are applying to a domme/dom household. its not a surprise like, "oh your my slave, so you have to sleep with her too" They are fully aware before the process begins that a third party is involved and will be overseeing them. it actually puts some people at ease knowing they have someone else looking over their wellbeing, in case their dom gets overzealous.

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