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    I'm in a really nosy mood all of a sudden, so you'll all just have to bear with me :p

    Just wondering if you have any favoured locations in which to practice BDSM?

    For myself, my only real experience has been at home, in my bedroom and living room. My master and I are planning some outdoor action if we can find someplace private enough, but will probably wait now for the weather to warm up :(

    I live in an upstairs flat, so have no basement, but I do have an attic, which I am hoping could make a suitable 'playroom' of sorts (unfortunately, a cluttered store cupboard and no ladder means that I haven't yet had chance to do any exploring up there :() Our dream is to have a huge basement, appropriately decorated and filled with proper bondage equipment/furniture, but doubt we could ever afford it :(

    So, where you all like to play? Attics/basements? Bedrooms? At home, or in another building? Indoors, or outdoors?

    I'll stop asking questions now, I think... :D

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    Well, most unfortunately, my only true bondage experience is in the back storage room of my exDom's job (classy, right? =( ). So, that would have to be my favorite . . .

    I'm ALWAYS really nosy (I hope I don't come off as obnoxious . . . ), it's okay!
  3. pepeluism

    pepeluism Member

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    For punishments, mostly in the basement, but the sky is the limit if you are ingenious. How far is the nearest forest from you? Around where I live, you can get to a place so remote you are guaranteed nobody will hear you scream. Also, do you know anybody with a private farm? Those are excellent places. I go to a farm in Montana where I meet once of my Mistresses once or twice a year.
  4. AfterDark

    AfterDark New Member

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    I AGREE WITH PEPELUISM!! Well said about the farm my friend :D

    I live out in the country on a private farm, we have a lot of land that used to be a dairy farm. We have various outdoor machine sheds, a huge garage, a heated workshop with wood floors, a huge barn with stalls and a horse tack dressing room, a 60ft silo with lofts at various levels, and acres of pasture, prairie and forest. There is no one for miles to hear you scream, and at night it is dark enough to see every star in the sky!!

    All those locations are fun as you could imagine but the best is when the horses are out grazing and we play in the tack room, it’s a bondage heaven!! I should mention the tack room is for storage only, horses rarely go in there and when they do it’s just to be brushed or dressed, they never make a mess in there. That being said we are not into bestiality either, nothing against those who are, it’s just not my thing, and it seems a little too dangerous for us.

    For really good punishments the basement corner of our house has a large wine cellar with an earthen floor, stone walls, and low ceilings with 8x8 solid oak beams running its length. Oh the fun times that have been had in that room!! I got very lucky because all around it is a dream house, but as for BDSM fun, I couldn’t think of a better location!!

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    Usually just in the house, in the bedroom... If we're out and about and the mood strikes, we have been known to be impatient enough to go find a hotel somewhere... lol

    Also, we do a lot of hiking in the summer time. There always seems to be a rock or fallen log or SOMETHING that I seem to end up bent over... ;)
  6. meripa

    meripa Member

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    My master and I normally 'play' in the living room, bedroom, basement and in our special furnished and equipped bdsm-room

    And his parents have an estate in the country with a big house and a little horse farm
    And when they are making holidays we have to look after it
    As noted before its a perfect location =)

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