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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Deviant Mistress, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. Deviant Mistress

    Deviant Mistress New Member

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    My sub seems to be unwilling on an assignment I have given him, he is long distance, and I'm having trouble with the right punishment. He says that he is 100% comfortable with total humiliation in person behind closed doors.

    I dont really want to try orgasm denial, as I've done that but I'm a bit stuck, I have no problems with punishing him in person.... thats the easy part.... but long distance.... how do I know he has done them and what sort of punishment to give is where I am in a pickle

    can anyone give some guidance please?
  2. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    sub's crave attention
    so if you feel he has been disobedient ,you might try ignoring him for a specific time
    say you wont communicate with him for a couple of days or more depending on how often you normally communicate .
    I bet that will get his attention.
    or log on and don't chat just let him know you are there but other wise not respond.
    he's probably going to send me hate mail for this.
  3. Deviant Mistress

    Deviant Mistress New Member

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    that would drive him insane, but I love it. I did consider that but we email all through out the day......

    One main problem with that, I have recently come out of a horrifying relationship, one in which I was the sub, complete control freak, who, still pesters me and hounds for my attention on a daily basis. If I was to ignore my sub.... i think he may feel that something bad had happened to me at the hands of my ex (he was violent too)

    My sub and I are very good friends and he knows how much my ex pesters me
  4. Malelesbian

    Malelesbian New Member

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    If he has a digital camera, make him go to a public place, like a pub or coffee shop, and tell him to have someone else take a photo of him showing that he's wearing panties. It'll force him to reveal what a sissy he is to a stranger (presumably) and since he'll have to e-mail you the photo, it'll prove to you that he's done it.

    If he's not quite that brave, have him take a photo of himself somewhere nude or in women's undies on a rural road - most of these cameras have timers on them for self-portraits.

    If he's got a camera that will do video clips, have him go somewhere and insert a plug, filming it for you so he can e-mail it to you that night.

    If you want to be really demanding about this, tell him to do whatever task and give him two hours to have the pics or video in your e-mail inbox. No pics, no reward later. Just a thought.

    Have fun!
  5. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    Just let him know what your doing and give him specific duration of time
    maybe just send an "i'm ok" note but don't put anything else in it.
    or maybe just say hello and general chat but no "play"

    But I'm sure you know of a few things he would hate just as much.:)
    sometimes just the threat can be enough to straighten a wayward sub

    (hope your ex gets his own life)

    reveling that your wearing girls panties as a man to a perfect stranger is not the act of a sissy:)
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    I have to admit Ezra, I would be in tears by the first night if My Lord did that to me. I have a hard enough time being out of communication with him for a few hours at a time when Im not even being punished, let alone days of enforced silence...

    I think that might be a very severe punishment, one I know I hope My Lord never sees fit to use...

    I imagine that, depending on the Sub and type of relationship they have, it could be very effective...
  7. EZRA

    EZRA Member

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    works on me every time.
    just the threat is enough
    and sometimes when she dosent even know she's doing it

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