Is there a such thing as Dom-space?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by RS1981, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. RS1981

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    I know there's sub-space, but do you think Dom-space exists? I've looked around and I've only found speculation, nothing definitive. I know sub-space is subjective and varies by sub, so it must be the same for Dom-space. Does anyone feel like they've reached that state of mind? If so, what does it feel like to you?
  2. Smallest

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    I believe there is, although obviously as a sub I haven't reached it. Sub space is also pretty much speculation, so if you feel you go into "dom space," I'd say it exists, at least for you.
  3. RS1981

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    Yeah I haven't reached a "dom space" yet myself, I was just curious if it existed for anyone else. I've heard sub space is like a floaty feeling, as if nothing exists but the moment. I would imagine it would be the opposite for a Dom, since they have to be fully aware of their sub at all times, so I would assume it's like a heightened awareness due to adrenaline, almost a "psychic connection" of sorts with the sub. I'm just guessing of course, but logically it makes sense since most things in life have opposites.
  4. sebastian

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    Domming doesn't produce the same biochemical effects that subbing does. Subspace is partly about endorphins released in the body through pain play, and partly about the psychological experience of surrendering control. Domming doesn't release large amounts of endorphins, but it can trigger a psychological experience through the sensation of being in control. But being in control is much more common experience than being not in control is, so the psychological experience is less intense. But I do think it's there.

    On a few occasions when I've left a situation where I had considerable control, I felt a come-down of sorts. The closest thing I can describe it with is a 'where's my third arm?' feeling. It was an awareness that I was supposed to be in charge of something that wasn't there.

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